kiyoshi tho


Hyuuga and Kiyoshi have an on going game of “who manages to keep live animals in school without letting anybody find out, especially Riko” and they keep sabotaging each other

Kagami’s excuse was so good, that hyuuga couldn’t get mad

Izuki was proud of Hyuuga for that extremely witty pun


Himuro, the loving brother

those brownies were totally safe, what do u mean

An announcement for… all of time, probably.

Okay, listen. This is important!~

I… honestly… really love having ask blogs and interacting with others. It’s fun, and it’s almost like a lower-pressure, open-ended role-play. You get to learn more about characters and teach others more about your own. It’s… amazing.

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But, I’ve run into a slight… problem, really.

And that is this:

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No, I don’t mean they’re bad. In fact, they are what drive my blogs and countless others! They are the BEST! Every ask I get, especailly for a blog that I actually ENJOY like Kiyoshi’s blog (and sometimes the others, but not quite as much), makes me really excited and happy!

No, the problem is all in GIVING and GETTING.

I tend to get anxiety sometimes when it comes to sending asks, so I understand the nervousness that may come with it! But, I’ll tell you what- feel more than free to throw as many asks at me as you want! No ask is “stupid,” and while I will probably laugh at and then proceed to delete NSFW asks, all will be read and appreciated!!

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Now, as for giving them, I will sometimes pop into a blog and (nervously) toss an ask in its direction. Normally, though, I’m a little reserved because I’m not sure if what I’m asking is… okay.

(again, from @compassionate-casas)

So, here’s a solution: want an ask? Don’t be afraid to MESSAGE ME. I’m happy to give out asks, though it may take a few days and some research for me to decide on a proper question. In addition, I won’t ask whatever you specifically want me to, and I’ll decide which character(s) give the ask(s).

Also, I hope you don’t mind if my characters are from another universe. Because you might get Kiyoshi visiting a Pokémon blog or Gil visiting a Youkai Watch blog!

Well, that was my two cents. If you want an ask- MESSAGE ME about what character you want the question going to! You may reblog this, sure, but I’ll have no idea what you want me to do unless you specifically ask!

Thank you for your time!

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I got an idea and ran with it. It’s probably nowhere near as funny as I think it is 


Not a stalker. At all.

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Perhaps they’ll really need to move a body


An AU in which Kagami and Himuro’s families never move to America and they were in the same middle school basketball team

An AU in which that same team’s lineup was PF Kagami SG Himuro SF Ogiwara C Kiyoshi and PG Kasamatsu/Takao

An AU in which they’re the rival team Teikou needed and wanted and no one ever goes through any kind of depression and Aomine and Kagami form an healthy rivalry during their first year and they push each other to do better and be better and slowly fall in love through good games and one-on-one’s and silly smirks and soft smiles and not quite there touches and too many not-dates at maji’s with whatever-daiki-says-definitely-not-too-many burgers

I was thinking about an AU like that yesterday night, I think I’d like that

Murasakibara reacting to Kiyoshi...

But wait..

Uh oh jealous Himuro

“That guy seriously annoys me. Don’t you think he’s annoying, Muro-ch–”

Murasakibara turns to find Himuro giving out the snacks he brought with him to random people.


“Love you too, Atsushi” Himuro smiles like an angel but his eyes scream evil as he hands out his mauibos and chocolates.

That was the day Murasakibara swore he would never do anything to make Himuro jealous again. 


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Uhmm have dirrehea headcanons for GOM, kagami and kioyshi ?

Why tho anon


Kuroko: It’s the one time he feels like thanking the gods for making his presence so weak because he can sneak to the bathroom in peace. His bowel movements, like his presence, go unnoticed.

Kise: Pretty boys don’t poo. He clenches his intestines as tightly as he clenches on to his idol like image. By the end of the school day he wants to kill himself. The Kaijou team wonders why he looks so worn down during practice and moves unusually slowly.

Akashi: No bacteria is going to get the better of his intestines. They are built to perfection. Just like the rest of him. Intestine power is maji 10000%. Do not attack his body it will attack you back and steal your bacterial DNA while it’s at it.

Midorima: He gets really troubled whenever the urge to go poo overcomes him because it’s such a disgusting feeling. Also, he’s scared people will notice he’s going to the bathroom every hour for 6-12 minutes at a time. He needs to poo but he doesn’t want people to know he poos.

Murasakibara: Is completely unashamed of his need to use the toilet. If the teacher asks he’ll just say, “Sensei, I need to take a dump.” and off he goes. What a blessed boy. Of course, his ability to eat nearly everything makes his intestines super powerful, and diarrhea is a near nonexistent problem for him.

Aomine:I need to shit.” Aomine is incredibly calm about his need to use the toilet. It’s a natural thing right?

Kagami: Would be really embarrassed about needing to use the bathroom. He doesn’t raise his hand and suffers in silence because he’s scared that the teacher will be annoying and ask him why he has to use the toilet again. He’s not good at coming up with lies on the spot unfortunately.

Kiyoshi: He’s also very embarrassed about his situation, but asks to use the bathroom as well. Kiyoshi is wise enough to know that a poo is something you don’t hold in. Especially diarrhea poo. Luckily, he’s on very good terms with the school nurse, and thus uses many varying medical excuses and bathroom pleas to make it through the day without anyone suspecting anything.

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hello hi I would like to know the reasons why Kiyoshi is an angel to you :D


Reasons why Kiyoshi is an angel:

  •  He chose to sacrifice whatever future he had in basketball in order to play with the team he loved. Amongst the GoM and Uncrowned Generals, I can’t see any of them willing to make the same decision around the time Kiyoshi made his (tho I guess you wouldn’t really know for sure until it happens, especially when half of them have developed considerably).
  • That being said, even though he eventually has to stop playing because he's physically unable to (unlike Nijimura, Haizaki [initially], and Ogiwara, who, putting their circumstances aside, have the option of joining back in whenever), he maintains a positive attitude on top of shouldering the emotional burden of his teammates. Even more impressive when you remember Kiyoshi wasn’t the victim of bad luck, but straight up malice. 
  • Taking one (more like 500) for the team during the Kirisaki Daiichi match
  • Taking another 500 during the Yosen match, collapsing like 20 times and forcing himself back up again to take another 500
  • What a trooper
  • Even though he’s one of the Uncrowned and minus his injury, is good enough to hold his own against a Miracle, he doesn’t give off an air of superiority, nor does he look down on other players based on their skill or talent.
  • He acts so dumb and cute, but utterly badass on the courts, I can’t ajsdfakdjf
  • He’s honest but manipulative at the same time. He’s manipulative with his honesty like how does a human being even do that
  • Everything he does is for the benefit of his team
  • Everything.
  • praise papa teppei