kiyoshi tho


Hyuuga and Kiyoshi have an on going game of “who manages to keep live animals in school without letting anybody find out, especially Riko” and they keep sabotaging each other

Kagami’s excuse was so good, that hyuuga couldn’t get mad

Izuki was proud of Hyuuga for that extremely witty pun


Himuro, the loving brother

those brownies were totally safe, what do u mean

Murasakibara reacting to Kiyoshi...

But wait..

Uh oh jealous Himuro

“That guy seriously annoys me. Don’t you think he’s annoying, Muro-ch–”

Murasakibara turns to find Himuro giving out the snacks he brought with him to random people.


“Love you too, Atsushi” Himuro smiles like an angel but his eyes scream evil as he hands out his mauibos and chocolates.

That was the day Murasakibara swore he would never do anything to make Himuro jealous again.