Ashley Graham moves so effortlessly. What a naturally beautiful woman she is!

Maximum style from a shapeless, baggy black maxidress.  That’s not a beach coverup, it’s a choir robe.  Yeesh.  Nice one, Kiyonna.

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editor’s note: the captions and random arrows are cracking me up ! i can’t even think of something funny to say.  "maximum style" (covered elbow) “bracelets !!!” (elbow). i also like the concept of “easy bracelets,” because bracelets are usually super fucking confounding for me.

i do appreciate the departure from kiyonna’s usual style of “every dress is exactly the same a-line knee-length ¾ sleeve thing with a lace top” though.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that my favorite thing is to come home to a Gwynnie Bee package. That little sticker means something awesome is waiting inside! Yesterday I got the Aly Asymmetrical Skirt from Kiyonna and my first thought was it’s soooo soft! I love the fabric. It’s on the thin side but not totally sheer which makes it great for summer nights out on the town. It quickly became clear though that the 1x was just way too long for my tiny frame. I tried to style it so many ways (as pictured above) but couldn’t really make it work. If I wore it at my natural waist, the hem hit me at the least flattering part of my calves. If I hiked it all the way up (nearly meeting with my braline haha) then it draped the way it did on that gorgeous ASOS model. I am clearly not a model but I still had fun trying to style it. When I tucked in tops, I could see every detail underneath. This is the downside of a thin breezy fabric.

If you’re on the shorter side, I’d say to pair this with a heel. If you’re naturally leggy, I love the look of a d'orsay flat mimicking the lines of the skirt. It’s such a fun shape and could hypothetically go with anything in your closet but the cut is just not quite right for me and that fit issue probably wouldn’t be alleviated if I sized down.

I ended up wearing the skirt to an outdoor movie night last night (outfit shown in 2nd row, far left) and found myself really cold. That’s Washington state for you! Just another excuse to cuddle closer to my boyfriend while we watched Moonrise Kingdom. Sadly, this skirt is going back today.

My styling suggestions:

Fatshion February Day 17 - Interview attire

I forgot to snap what I wore during my drive down there, but here’s a picture of me post-interview at the North Sharon, Vermont rest stop bathroom. I was one third of the way home and in need of a change. Also, I dyed my hair black because 1) blue hair isn’t the best for job interviews in my field 2) I needed normal colored hair for the wedding and 3) I haven’t dyed my hair black in eight or nine years so I figured it was time to do it. I wore this EXACT outfit to my IV-E interview, so I hope I get the job!

Wrap dress - Kiyonna, bought at the The Voluptuous Vixen in New Orleans. That shop was amazing and this is the most expensive dress I own. It’s also a great travel dress because it’s a slinky, wrinkle-free material I can throw into a bag and put on in a cafe bathroom (like I did that day). Size 12.

Tank - Walmart. Size XL.

Cardigan - Target. Size XL.

Necklace - gift from Boyfriend.

Not pictured - XL opaque black tights from Walmart and black and white saddle shoes gifted to me from a friend in size 8.5.

A side note: I chose this photo because I’m trying to get more comfortable with the shape of my face. My size is something that I’ve never really had a problem with, but the shape of my face is something that I don’t like looking at in pictures. I can’t pinpoint why I think my face looks weird, I just feel like it looks…off. So instead of picking something that I may think look more flattering, I’m going with a picture that shows the shape of my face in an attempt to get more comfortable with it.