kiyochika kobayashi

~ Kobayashi Kiyochika (小林 清親; 1847-1915), Evening Snow at Tamachi, Yoshihara Embankment, from the series ‘Views of Japan’, 1915 — с

Kobayashi Kiyochika 小林 清親 (1847-1915)

Visit by the Empress to the General Staff Headquarters - Japan - 1895

The empress presents a general with a tray of rolled bandages.  "As president of the Lady’s Volunteer Nursing Association, the empress was eager to alleviate the sufferings of the wounded and set to work with the palace ladies to make antiseptic bandages: six thousand were sent from the imperial household to the Red Cross Society on October 13, 1894.  The imperial figure was a model for the earnest ladies of the upper classes who met almost daily from eight in the morning until half-past five in the afternoon in the rooms of the Tokyo Red Cross Hospital.“

Source : The Metropolitan Museum of Art