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“I’m not lonely… because you’re always looking at me.”


SOME GODTIER EYE HEADCANONS based on @evil-tricksterness‘s beautiful creative tags on @blackoutballad‘s beautiful and pretty art! Some of these turned out better than others, but I really really wanted to try my hand at illustrating these headcanons,,,

Every year around this time, a large storm hits my city.

Do you remember that time when my brother, Kii, was left alone and I was in a bucket?

well darN ME NEITHER becuz THAT WAS A REALLY DARK TIME. LITERALLY. We had no electricity for a month and as soon as it got fixed, I was fully recovered after my complete meltdown!! it’s not so bad this year and i aint crying as much as before! promise!! Also there was sometime after the logs that abruptly stopped cuz, the truth was, not all of kii’s logs were live. Some were improvised. He told me EVERYTHING that happened to him thru the phone anyway, from the biiiiig angler fish to his strange ghost friend (huh. i dont rly believe in ghosts but whatever). It was so hard to keep up since he had something new to tell me… EVERY NIGHT. Augh, i felt terrible myself so i had to stop, but that was the gist of it. I’m glad i did stop.

Anyway, back to the present.

Because of the rising sea, the storms seem to get more and more violent every year.

We’re currently experiencing the “wet season” I guess.. or the season of the storms… the “stormy season” ??? hehe.. Well, it’s the perfect time to do more of nothing, camp out in ur room, and do whatever. This applies more to us actually since i dont really care what happens out there.

And what about commuting u say?? or power outages??

yo, it’s ok. i got THE INTERNET anyway.