oh my god this beats that one trip to walmart where i scored that Pacific Rim poster

so my lil bro needed something for his school and my family took a trip to walmart to get it and I found this beautiful gem.

A Captain America hoodie.

it’s a little big but it was the last one so i couldn’t get it in a smaller size

but the best part about it is

Now I can look like an even bigger dork 

The most adorable thing happened to me earlier today.

As I was saying goodbye to my friend Manni, my neighbor’s cat showed up and walked up to me. Obviously i did the first thing i’d obviously do and pet the adorable little cat, when all of a sudden it decided to jump up on my lap and find a good resting position, as i continued petting it.

oh my lord though, she was so adorable because i heard her purring throughout the whole deal.

she even started kneading my arm and lap and i have never had a cat warm up that quickly to me before but aaahhhhhhhhhh

I want a cat like her now ;w;

Didn’t really get to do a Mod pic Monday this week. Better late than never I guess. Here’s a challenge. Try to form your Zodiac sign with your hands. Mine’s Virgo (♍),