I was totally hinting the whole time in the LS about this and I really wanted to say something but I wanted it to be a surprise. This is a christmas gift of Finni’s badass character Ruriel. I’m so sorry if I messed anything up, I really tried. That’s the first time I’ve drawn a gun as far as I can remember so wow sorry it’s bad LOL. 

I want to thank you for being such a cool person and such a huge inspiration to me, I don’t think without you and Chisami I would have improved as much as I have this year so thank you so much. I will continue to work hard.

I really hope you like it :3 :3

April 20!!! 

This day was a cool day. (Yep, I still need to find more adjectives to describe things).

Team Muffin!

My day started out with going to school and presenting with these guys and two other girls. It was really overwhelming and scary and yeah! Especially since I see a lot of my teachers and I felt really pressured. But in the end, we all had fun. We got asked by teachers to join student council, be student ambassadors next year, and many other stuff. I was like, WHOAA. Why team muffin? Mr. L gave us muffins for breakfast. Yeah. HAHA!

I bet all of the principals have really inspiring things in they offices. Oh yeah, this is a cool turtle. (Yes. Cool). Take time and be inspired by the next two photos.


THE LION HEAD! Oh man, good old times. I remember when I was so proud of my brother during pep rallies because he was the head. If you want to know how hyper I was, ask my friends.

Fake daisies. Yeeh.

I was trying to take a picture of our school snake, Regie, (lol I actually don’t know what his real name is, so I just call him Regie since he’s a Python Regius) but he wasn’t there. Eww, metamorphosis (I think) left behinds. LOL!

This is a paper from the presentation. My handwriting sucks when I’m nervous. =_=’

Oh yeah, and did I mention getting $5 coupons for caf food? YEEEH BOY! YALL BE JEALOUS. GOIN’ SPEND THIS DO’ ON APPLE PIES AND CHEESECAKE AND SHTUFF.


The following photos are photos taken by Kuya @markpaolo and Kuya Steven. Your welcome.

Oh yeah, we had rice in fellowship after a long time. YEEEEH BOY.


Naaman and Ben. :’)

I taught my student good :’) PHOTOBAWMB FO LYFE <3

Blurry, but heh! FAMILY PICTURE <3

Umm. I don’t know how to caption this.

Uh yeah. About this one.. I don’t know how to caption it either.

Yep. We’re random like that. I don’t know how to caption any of these pictures anymo’.

“Oh, donut. You’re the only one who listens to me.” (Kuya @markpaolo, I think we can make a photo series of them ;D LOL!)

And I shall end this post with a flower from church :)


This is a christmas gift of that one girl who does the pictures of those people with tails and green hair. I don’t even know if she’ll see it if I post it here LOL. I don’t even know what happened here I’m sorry. I kinda wanted it to be a surprise?

Muto is getting real tired of your shit.