kiwys chibis

**art credit to Kiwys Chibis**


We would love to be able to include your amazing talents at our first annual BrittanaCon.  We are looking to showcase the Brittana fan art during a slideshow presentation that will be shown during our first night at the Con.  If you have any pieces of your own or you have any fan artists’ work that you’d love to see and would like to recommend them to us, please reach out to us at  After the Con, we’ll make the fan art presentation available here and on our official website.

Also, we are looking for Brittana fan videos to show during our media portion of BrittanaCon.  Do you have a favorite video (we definitely have a few) that just gives you all the feels and really captures the incredible relationship between Brittany and Santana?  Or, would you like to create one specifically for BrittanaCon?  We’d love to hear from you.  The creators and URLs will be included in our official program and we’ll make a master post of all videos to post here that were part of BrittanaCon.

We have SO MANY talented people in this fandom that contribute in so many ways and we definitely want to be able to include them in any way we can during the Con.  :-) 

As always, please email with any questions.

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, August 15th, 2015

More details about the BrittanaCon 2015 Wedding Reception being held for Brittany and Santana will be released this week so make sure you are following us here and following our official Twitter.

ETA: We’d like to thank kiwys-chibis for designing our awesome Brittana wedding reception invite!


BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 6a

ARTIST: kiwys-chibis

PROMPT: Brittana as cats

PROMPTED BY: Tumblr Anon


***Special thanks to kiwys-chibis who graciously filled a second prompt for us!  Her additional fill will be available to attending and supporting Con members in their media package!  And thanks to the Tumblr Anon for the prompt!***

***Be sure to check back for a second prompt post later this afternoon!***