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i saw "eat all of the kiwi" and thought "but cannibalism is illegal" and i

AMERICANS STop calling kiwifruit ‘kiwis’ … 
New Zealanders are simple people and you are CONFUSING US

i am a kiwi …
the birds are kiwis …
the fruits are called kiwifruit… pls… u are complicating everything 

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one song: You Killed My Father (Prepare To Die) — Homestuck Volume 10
two movies: Babylon 5: In the Beginning, Zootopia
three tv shows: Steven Universe, Babylon 5, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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Raw till 4 week 2

Day 11 of my raw till 4 journey. Today was not such a good day. I felt tired and cold all day long and had no energy what so ever. But one can not have good days all the time I guess! :) Also had sugar cravings. But I did not give in and also upped my max calorie intake to 1600 on my fitness pal. Maybe I have been eating too little? This morning we went to the store and bought lovely fruits and veggies. Loads of bananas, grapes, nectarines, peaches, kiwifruits, passion fruits, watermelon, bag of frozen red fruits for my smoothies and a papaya and mango. I have never been a fan of the last two but will give it a go again. I can always toss them in my smoothie if I do not like them. ;) Had 2 avocados left from an earlier shopping trip and fresh tomatoes from my garden! I hope tomorrow will be a better day with less sugar cravings. I found out that eating grapes helps a lot though. 

Day 5 of raw till 4 :) All is going well and as one can see in my previous post we went shopping for veggies and fruits. I bought a lot!! But also ate half of the bag with grapes and also 2 passion fruits already when we came home. This morning I made a big big green smoothie for brekkie and lunch. It had bananas, kale, coconut water, kiwifruit, goji berries and some other things that I forgot now :P

I am also trying to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle. The last year I already removed lots of stuff from the house that we do not longer need or use. Last weekend I went through my wardrobe and got one big bag that I can donate to charity. And today we cleared out one big cabinet and we donated the cabinet to a friend with an animal shelter. She was very pleased with it and so are we with the extra space, :) It was a good day so far! :) Happy weekend!