(Sort of a) Acorn Press Acrylic Charm Review

Yoooo~~~~ my acrylic charms came today during a snowstorm and I totally did not expect it XDDD I thought the storm was going to delay it for sure. Kudos to USPS delivery guy (stay warm and stay safe man). It really made my day ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Here are the references for my Yuri on Ice and Overwatch characters charm set. I will be selling these at future cons and events. So check out my con schedule if you’re interested in purchasing them! I will probably sell them online for leftovers. I don’t have a store yet (as of 2/9/17) so check back on my tumblr or other social media (or you can message me) for updates!

Also, I find it super funny that overwatch and YOI characters came during a BLIZZARD, COLD and ICY day (no pun intended lol) 

They look super nice thanks to @acornpress ! I would highly recommend them if you are interested in selling acrylic charms for cons/online in the future. This is my first time ordering acrylic charms so take my words with a few grains of salt. Also I’ll be rambling all over the place and spamming run-ons so be aware :P

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Eat the rainbow 🍃🍌🍎🍊🌈
This is @hellofreshau’s juicing + fruit box combined, so much goodness! ❤️ Pineapple, oranges, bananas, green & red apples, lemon, beetroot, kale, mandarins, mint, carrot & kiwifruit! 😍
They’ve generated a code for you guys to get a huge 50% off your first box, simply use the code “THRIVINGONPLANTS50” when checking out ✨

Contrary to popular belief, the Kiwifruit Bird is not named after the Kiwifruitbirdfruit. Both the small, round, flightless fruit and the bird it resembles are named after Elrod Kiwifruit, one of the first White explorers of New Zealand. Like Elrod, these fat birds are nearsighted and xenophobic, with a tendency to claim for themselves the property of others through sheer disbelief that other cultures may have equal value and precedent claims.

Today’s brunch!! Egg and dairy-free vegan pancakes topped with lots of berries, banana, kiwifruit, desiccated coconut, maple syrup, melted dark and dairy free chocolate and crushed cashews! Was incredibly delicious, you can ‘veganise’ anything when you put your mind to it, it’s so effortless! Instead of using egg and dairy milk in the batter I just used 1 ½ cups of soy milk and made a chia seed ‘egg’ by mixing some boiling water with 2 tbsp of chia seeds to make the batter sticky.

 If anyone is considering switching to a vegan lifestyle and adopting a cruelty-free diet for their New Year’s resolution feel free to inbox me, I’m always here for support and help xx -Zoe

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