So this was from forever ago, but here’s me, KCL, legendaryteenager, and prettyfunnylol on our way to homecoming of 2012.
I’m the loudest because IT WAS MY PHONE-
And then legendaryteenager was our driver (and singer), KCL is the second loudest, and prettyfunnylol was observing us going crazy from the passenger seat c:


kiwicatlover, legendaryteenager, and trickyfrancis draw things.

KCL and I drew stuff and Mr. The Spine with out left hands.

Brant drew our friend Cylis being Spine

(Spine faces L to R: drawn by kiwicatlover, drawn by trickyfrancis, drawn by Legendaryteenager)

Spine faces to David Bennett, with love from these dorks. <3