if you ever felt the need to stare into my eyes now is your chance because here is a small review for the lenses I got from that kiwiberry1 sale!

The lenses in question are EOS adult red and dolly eye violet. I’ve found they’re both comfortable to wear, though the adult red wasn’t quite as vibrant as I had anticipated, though the more subtle look will make them more handy for wearing them out as an everyday thing if I wanted to, so no complaints here. The violets have more of a solid ring of colour look to them so they’re noticeable and good for cosplay, but they photograph much more blue than they are in person?? At least on my webcam, anyway. 

I’m always hesitant to try out buying from new circle lens sellers, but I’m super happy with the quality, quickness of shipping, and the sales and discounts they always seem to be offering. I think I’ll be a returning customer because I sure do love me some circle lenses.