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Alright so here’s the 6 selfies of 2016 thing. I was tagged by @astormrollsin and @syubjimin (and @sinistercacophony and @ukanda both said to @ them, so. Done.)

Idk if y'all wanna do this or have done this already or whatever (feel encouraged to just straight up ignore me if you’d like), but I’m tagging @snowyoongs and @robin-pls and @jawesomesauce to do the thing

Whenever I see a discussion about biphobia I just remember when people at the rec center found out I was bi and this one girl had recently seen some show where lesbians were biphobic and we talked about it on and off for like an hour.

I also remember this straight guy who like … just didn’t understand? Like he had heard of bisexuality but had never like thought about it as more than a word? I had to be like, “yeah, more often than not I’m attracted to girls” and he was just like “… but you’re dating a guy”. I sure am Andrew, let’s go over this again.