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UNSEEN - [ENG SUB] 131229 Arirang Simply K-Pop Funny Scenes of 2013 - SHINee starts from 10:38

Only SHINee cut:

Unreleased Scenes from Nov 11th, 2013 (SHINee)

Jonghyun King of Selca, Taemin’s Campaign Against “The Heirs”

*JongMinKey mimicking T-ara No. 9 dance while Onew watched.

Jonghyun: Having fun by ourselves must never be aired.

Taemin: Let me join as well, if it’s not going to be aired.

*Green room

Taemin: Yesterday, while I was at home, I added some kiwis, tomatoes, and Chinese yams…

Key: Chinese yams?

Taemin: I mixed Chinese yams and drank it… Would I gain weight if I ate like that?

*Taemin offered a phone for Jjong to take selca

No more boring photos! Jonghyun left bizarre photos!

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*Taekey = Team Minho

Taemin: I wrote on our fan blog, telling our fans not to see “The Heirs” because of Minho, but the writer of “The Heirs” said that she’s a huge fan of ours.

Key: Then, tell her to write it in a boring way as a sign of consideration for Minho in “Medical Top Team”.

Minho: Yeah, she writes it in a funny and witty way.


The other time, Taemin told the fans not to watch “The Heirs” live but to watch Minho’s “Medical Top Team” instead
131025 fansign:

At the end of the day, Taemin were chosen to parody “The Heirs” xDDDD

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