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tell us abt.... ..ur EmoBoy... Bees Babbie Boy..

Sure thing! Alright, so, Graves. Let’s get down to the basics–he sucks. He’s nineteen years old (on the 24th technically.) He really doesn’t have a lot of wholesome hobbies. Lets take a look at just a few things: hard drugs, setting things on fire, and nihilism. He really doesn’t like a lot of people, but he surprisingly, being the edgelord he is, gets along real well with the devil…sometimes. He really hates parental figures, so it’s something that he’s adjusting to. The nonhuman aspect helps him along a little better because this boy is such a goddamn misanthrope it makes my head hurt. If you want to see more of Graves’s interests you can check out @modernblood, but there’s blood and drug usage and none of it is tagged. However, this blog is canonically his so questions about him should stay here! :D 
Thanks for the anon, feel free to ask anymore specific questions you have about him. Have a great day!