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Like... I know you do AMAZING high-def art and all this hyper-realistic art that is just unreal (that's how good it is)... But I still am so in love with the chibi style merman Lance. He is my love. He is my life. (He is my sunshine [my only sunshine]) He makes me happy when skies are grey.

Thank you! Haha, I’m loving chibi voltrons too. You have no idea how tempted I am to answer all my asks with these guys now :>

Unfollowing people bc they said something about your fav when it was just criticism, not hate, and then effectively bragging about how many people you unfollowed doesn’t make you cool or funny, it means you’re a child who can’t handle when people criticize your fav, and it actually says a lot about you as a person. You should be able to hear criticism about your fav, and you should be able to also criticize your fav too. Ignoring their faults and continuing to say they’re a ‘sweet smol cinnamon roll who can no wrong uwu’ when they’ve done something wrong is, in my opinion, wrong in itself, because you’re blatantly ignoring the issue, whether it be big or small, and putting blame on someone else when it isn’t their fault.

tldr; stop bragging about unfollowing people who criticize your fav because it means you can’t take or accept criticism

woah thank u i appreciate this

NOPe odyssey is just what i call my oc site! i’ll announce what i’m calling the comic soon!! unless i already mentioned it somewhere…god i dont remember………. but otherwise i’m gonna wait until i have it really cemented

THANK YOU im glad it brings you all that sweet hot

oh yep thats one of my favorites!! i’m all about characters who acquire way more power than they can handle and go totally nuts from it 👌🏾

DEFINITELY both. he is not a stranger to drugs and tobacco

HAHA the lyrics certainly fit! and thank you so much i appreciate it ;w;

HMM i dont remember what i’ve already shared abt them on here LOL but yes wow scratch… here’s some random  facts about her: she is a furry, secretly, like with a fursona and everything. nobody else knows this. she can drive! ..sorta. she’s the only one out of their group that has a car but i have no idea how she was ever able to pass a driving test. do you guys remember the wild thornberrys? i imagine her as acting a bit like donny hahahah. she’s like a true chaotic neutral. i think most people at school try to keep their distance from her since she’s very unpredictable!

mmm that’s all i could think of off the top of my head, but lemme know if there’s anything specific you wanna know about her or anyone else!!