kiwi strwberry


@spicy-meme-satan thankie 4 taggin me <<3

Name ? almi
Nickname ? bun
Zodiac ? virgo
Sexual Orientation ? hypersexual pan fucker
Ethnicity ? tightie whitie
Favorite Fruit ? strwberries, n kiwis, n grapefruits
Favorite Season ? winter 
Favorite Flower ? limonium, autumn crocus, lavender, lilac, larkspur, angels trumpet, n thistle
Favorite Scent ? artificial pink strawberry candy
Favorite Animal ? rabbits
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate ? iced coffee
Cat or dog ? cats
Dream Trip ? Okunoshima 
Number of Followers? 200
What do I post about ? how sad n horny i am 24/7, rabbits, how gay i am, punk shit
Do I get asks on a regular basis ? virtually never
Favorite Band ? PWR BTTM
Aesthetic ? cemetaries, empty highways, rabbit ghosts, pastel anything
Fictional Character I’d Date ? smokey quartz
Hogwarts House ? hufflepuff

Now I have to tag 20 people? 20 is more than i can count, but @swiffer-weeper @gils-carbo @ferrica-bitch @frolikin @supermariorpgs @lytripsupstairs @thegreatgato @u reading this