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So there was a discussion on the School of Dragons forum a while back about Night Fury OCs, and while I’m not really one for those myself, I ended up creating this guy for the fun of it.

Meet Chunk, the defective Night fury. He’s overweight, pigeon-toed and has two of his teeth stuck jutting out from his lower jaw as they cannot retract like the rest of his teeth. I can’t imagine he can fly too well with all that extra weight, but he can probably nail dropping like a rock no problem.

I just wanna hug him ;w;

My dreams can be very strange sometimes, and this is the direct result of that. Said dream first consisted of Rolfe and Earl shrouded in darkness, then suddenly switching to them sitting on either side of a couch (with my perspective from in the middle between them for some reason) and both of them wearing the weird, pointy silver shades depicted here.

Naturally, I had to draw it. My dreams concerning the Rock-Afire explosion then to be either weird or pleasant. This one was both.

Looney Bird! Sans his barrel, though.

Mostly went off the few depictions of Looney showing him full body, with many artistic liberties. Figured that since his “hands” during Letters to Looney Bird segments would be his wings doing the feather-fingers thing, it would make sense for his wings to be red as well, despite other art depicting him with black or green wings. so bam, red wings.

Birds are in general fun for me to draw, and Looney Bird was no exception.

Hi I’m a dork who is hung up on character heights in comparison to each other

This is another thing inspired by a tiny sketchbook gesture. Wondered how the heights of the guitar-playing bears would look in comparison to each other. I was mostly going off the heights of their actual animatronics and a lot of guesswork - Beach Bear is always sitting, so his height is a rough guess. Regardless, though, he looks like he’d be pretty tall - especially in comparison to Billy Bob. Of course, I found it too amusing to not draw. Plus it’s an excuse to draw full-body Beach, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now.

Also I totally cheated with the pattern on Beach’s shorts

This critter has been kicking around in my mind for the past few days. I guess she’s some kind of crocodilian-based Kaiju who I currently have no name for. Haven’t got much figured out for her yet besides her being able to walk on all fours like ancient crocodilians as well as being bipedal, spits a freezing liquid, and that she’s a more of a mischievous troll than actually malicious.

And then I decided it was Kelo’s turn, because why not.

Getting his body shape down was tough - he’s short and very stocky, but he’s also a little fat around the waist area (well, as far as fat goes for Cacengia - it’s basically the exoskeleton ending up oddly shaped due to extra biological mass such as muscle and the spongy stuff that contains their blood).  Here he’s sporting an updated Warrior uniform as well - it got similar tweaks to the scout outfit, but largely remains the same. And then of course formal wear. He ended up looking surprisingly good in it.

EDIT: Wasn’t too happy with it, so I redid the entire thing. Mostly had issues with how Kelo’s body shape was presented in the old file. I think this is much better.

FACT: Beach Bear is cooler than you.

I’ll hopefully be going on a short holiday this Sunday, which I am excited for. Naturally, thoughts of the beach made me want to draw my favorite bear again. And also my blog has a severe lack of RAE. I also tried something new with his hair. His wonderful, fabulous hair.

Everything about him just screams “Cool”. No wonder he’s the reason I love the Rock-afire Explosion now.


More Beach Bear because I cannot resist him and his fabulous hair. And his fabulous everything.

I adored the way Beach Bear’s hair was in this video, so I simply had to draw it. Of course…such hair is just -begging- to be flipped.So it was done.

Cel shading hair is hard. Especially fabulous hair such as his. But I was determined.