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Two Ghosts 

                    –Harry Styles


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You see the thing is I would die for this man

And Action!

Request: Hi wanted to request something cud u write an imagine where harry and y/n are like established actors and they’re both costars in a film. They both like each other a lot but only realise they’ve fallen for each other when they film a kissing scene for the movie. Idk something like this plsssssss

“You’re acting as Y/N Y/L/N’s love interest in your new movie! You’re living life, mate!” Mitch slapped Harry’s back.

Harry chuckled, nodding. “She’s absolutely stunning in real life. I had a moment when I first saw her on set. She’s extremely talented and kind, too.” He said, his hands crossed behind his head as he sat on his couch.

“Can you let me meet her?” Mitch grinned.

Harry laughed, lightly kicking his with his feet. “Bug off.”

“Are your trailers close?”

Harry nodded, “Right next to mine.”

“You’re one lucky bastard. She’s an Oscar winning actress for crying out loud.”


Harry sat on the couch besides the food catering table, his paper in his hands as he practiced his lines to himself.

“What do you mean you, uh,” He stammered, glancing down at the paper to remember the next word, releasing a low huff. “Hell.” He said under his breath.

“Hey,” His head perked up at the gentle call, eyes falling on you in your character’s casual clothes with a cup of coffee in your hands, looking at him with a sheepish smile. “Need help?”

Harry glanced at his paper for a second before looking back at you, “Uh, yeah. Sure. That would be great.”

You smiled, sitting next to him and putting your cup on the table, opening your palm. “Here, give me.”

Harry gave you his paper, beginning to feel nervous. Was he ready to make mistakes in front of an Oscar winning actress who was not only crazy talented and nice but was also drop dead gorgeous?

“Alright so, Isaac,” You smiled, using his character’s name, “I can’t do this anymore. I want to leave this town, get out of here.” You said your lines, feigning a sad expression as you switched to your character.

“What do you mean you want to get out of here? Rosie, this is where you grew up. This is where everything is, your memories, mine, ours? You want to leave that and just go?”

“I think it’s best if I just go now. I can’t do this, Isaac.” You pretended to cry in a dramatic way, making Harry laugh and you to break out in a giggle.

“Wait, wait.” Harry pretended to run in his seat, being dramatic enough as to grab the air. You both laughed, you resting Harry’s paper on his lap.

“You’re a natural.” You tucked your hair behind your ear, complimenting the handsome man beside you.

“Coming from you? Wow.” He chuckled.

You giggled before shaking your head, “But seriously, I was so stunned when I saw you in Dunkirk last year. At first I was just like, what? Harry Styles from One Direction in such a big movie?” You said, gesturing with your hands, “I was confused but I know Chris and I know he wouldn’t just pick anyone for his roles. And you were incredible as Alex.”

Harry sat blushing, heart racing as yours by your truthful compliments. “I was nervous getting into Dunkirk. I was bloody nervous. But everyone’s feedback was positive but then I got that call, they were like,” Harry put his index and pink by his face gesturing a phone, “Harry? There’s this movie with Y/N Y/L/N and we think you’d be the perfect fit for the main male character. I was like, wait, what?” Harry said, gasping out.

You giggled, “Oh stop it. You’re making me feel like Meryl Streep or something.” You blushed.

Harry chuckled, “You do have an Oscar just like her.”

“Y/N, Harry, you’re both asked on set. It’s time for the last scene for tonight.” An assistant said coming to the both of you.

You and Harry nodded, standing up in unison, talking in giggles on your way over to the set.


“My body is like a bathtub of coffee.” You said, looking down at your stomach as you and Harry sat in the coffee shop that was close to your set.

It was a new tradition for the both of you as you were 5 months into the movie, nearing the end. You’d both get coffee before going to the set, chitchatting about your life as you both tried to ignore the butterflies erupting in your stomachs.

“I miss drinking tea.” Harry said before taking a sip of his coffee beverage.

You hummed in delight, closing your eyes, “Kiwi flavoured tea.”

“Berries.” Harry added, smiling as he looked at you.

“Some cookies on the side.”

“Small caramel waffle wouldn’t hurt.” Harry shrugged.

You opened your eyes, widening them in happiness, “Oooh, I love those.”

Harry chuckled before looking at his watch. “It’s 2, we should get going.”

You nodded, both of you standing up. Harry helped you put on your jacket, smirking at your blushing face as his did so too when you linked your arm with his as you both walked out of the coffee shop.

“I can’t believe we’re filming the final scene today.” You said as you both walked around the corner.

Harry frowned, being used to seeing you everyday. At the reminder of what the final scene had, Harry smirked smugly. “The kiss scene, huh?”

You giggled, shoving him away gently. “Shut it, Styles.”

Reaching the set, you were both then taken to get ready into your characters’ outfits and makeup in your separate trailers.

“Final scene in a few!” Your manager grinned, your phone in her hands as she took a picture of you getting ready on your instagram story as per your request.

You took your phone, a grin on your face. “Can’t believe we’re almost done.”

You typed a “Final scene today!” on your photo to post for your fans, tilting your head so your makeup artist could get a perfect view of the area she was applying makeup to.

2 hours later and after you and Harry had practiced your lines and were done with makeup and costume, you stood in the put together bedroom of your character, waiting for the director to yell out.

You and Harry giggled, standing face to face. “Ready?” He whispered.

You nodded, “Ready. Are you?”

He nodded, “Ready.”

“Okay, you two. Are you ready?” The director asked, making you and Harry chuckle.

“We’re ready.” You answered for the both of you.

“Alright, 5..4…3..2..1 and action!”

“It’s like I can’t breathe anymore, Isaac. This whole damn city reminds me of things I don’t want to remember.” You cried, looking intently at Harry Isaac.

“Then let’s leave. Together. We’re best friends, Rosie. We should stick to-“

“Goddamn, Isaac! I don’t want to be your friend!”

Harry’s eyes widened, stepping a tad closer to you. “Wh-What?”

“I said I don’t want to be your friend, Isaac. I-,” You gulped, speaking softly. “I love you.”

And even though Harry knew it was all acting, he couldn’t control the butterflies in his stomach as you gently said the three words so softly.

The anticipated part came, Harry’s hands cupping your face before his lips were pressed on yours.

No acting or faux kiss would have this passion, no faux kiss would have your lips blending in together like this. Subconsciously, your hands moved to Harry’s hair, your fingers finding their way through his soft thick hair to pull him closer.

Everyone’s eyes widened, watching. The director knew that no way in hell was this a faux kiss, making him grin at the material he had in the movie that depended on truthfulness.

You both pulled away, eyes still closed before Harry pecked your lips once more. “Don’t leave.” He whispered against your lips.

“I won’t.”

“And cut!” The director yelled out. “We have it! It’s a wrap!”

As everyone cheered, you and Harry stayed in the same position, hands gently on each other.

“Don’t leave.” Harry repeated, a smile on his face as his eyes looked into your own.

With a smile, you replied. “I won’t.”

I enjoyed writing this a lot. :)

Kiwi: Part Three

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two

“Where are yeh taking me?”

Harry’s voice called out to her as Cal led him uphill through the forest, the humidity of the Jamaican air causing the material of her shirt to cling to her back. She turned around to look at Harry as he scaled up behind her, his blue muscle shirt showing off the inked skin of his arms. She flashed a grin, reaching a hand out to him as she spoke.

“It’s a secret, Kiwi. That means I can’t tell ya,” she laughed a little, and he reached out to take her hand in his. She gave him a tug and pulled him up to her level, smiling at his dimpled grin. She released his hand and turned to continue walking uphill, grabbing onto the straps of her bag. “It’s one of my favorite places here. Found it a little after I moved to this side of the island, and I usually come here on my free days.”

“How long’ve yeh been here fo’?” He asked, running a hand through his unruly locks that had yet to be tamed by the heat.

“About a month and a half now,” she answered. She waited for him to catch up and take the few steps he needed to before she started to walk again. “How about you? What’s a superstar like you doing here?”

“Been here for about a week now working on the next album,” he explained.

“What made you want to come here?” She asked.

“It’s a peaceful place,” he answered, reaching to brush a stray lock of hair out of his face. “The past few albums I’ve made with the boys have mostly been recorded on the go—in hotel rooms or between a handful of different cities. I loved it an’ I wouldn’t give the memories away for the world, but I wanted something different this time ‘round.”

“Makes sense,” Calliope said, glancing at him over her shoulder with a smile on her face. “Almost there.”

Harry followed her to the edge of what looked like a small cliff. He took a few steps towards the edge and looked over at the pool of water at the bottom of what could have easily been a hundred foot drop. He then watched as she set her backpack down on the ground and began removing her t-shirt, revealing the white bikini top underneath.

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Live Jealousy || Calum Hood

a jealous calum is a very hot calum indeed

Summary: To show the fans just how jealous your Kiwi boyfriend can get,  you set up cameras to record you flirting with the rest of the band live. 

I M A G I N E 

“Where’s the other camera?” Michael groaned as he shifted through a drawer. 

“The other camera is on the kitchen counter,” you tell Michael as the red-haired boy fled to the kitchen. Luke, Michael, and Ashton were over you and Calums apartment. You wanted to show the fandom how jealous Calum can actually be. So, you set up a series of cameras around the house and set up a Google Hangout. It was difficult to get the news out without Calum finding out, but you guys used key words that the fans deciphered right away. 

“All set?” Ashton asked from the living room. He was sat on the couch with Luke, turning on the TV and channel surfing. He decided to remove his shirt to make the entire situation more heated. 

“We’re cool!” You called out, getting Michael to go to the couch. You sat down next to Ashton with Luke on your other side. Michael sat next to Luke at the far end of the couch. You got ready by putting one of your legs over Ashtons lap and wrapped your arms around his neck. 

“Babe, I’m home!” Calum called out. You immediately took your phone and went live on all the cameras with an app. Putting the phone in your pocket, you snuggled against Ashton as Calum came in the room. When he did, he immediately froze. 

“Hey Cal, what’s up?” You asked cutely, looking up at the astonished Kiwi. Calums eyes then shifted to Lukes hand on your thigh. You guys were not only going to play with words, but also with physical touch. You were planning to get Calums head bursting with fire. 

“Nothing much… uh,” Calum drifted off, his eyes burning with jealousy as he stared you down. “What are you up to there?” 

“Oh, me?” You asked innocently. “I’m just watching TV of course,” you respond as you began to rub one of Ashtons biceps. 

“Right…” Calum said slowly, eyeing you down before sitting on the chair closest to you and Ashton. That’s when you hopped up from the couch with you very short shorts and stood in front of the boys. 

“You guys want lunch?” You suggested, having all the boys nod. As you walked away, Luke whistled at you. You turned around and blushed, giving him a wink before escaping to the kitchen. 

“Your legs are fucking gorgeous, Y/N,” Michael called out, making you laugh silently to yourself to the kitchen. Being there alone, you looked into one of the cameras you set up and gave the viewers a big smile and a wink. Checking your phone, you saw 15,000 viewers watching you live. 

“Mate, why the fuck you complimenting my girlfriends legs?” Calum asked harshly. You quickly shoved the pre-prepared pizza you made into the oven and pressed the start button. You flee back into the living room to find Calum glaring at Michael. 

“Because Y/N has some really sexy legs,” Michael said simply, looking over at you while licking his lips. He was quite the actor. You looked away and blushed, earning an angry, surprised look from Calum. 

“You’re also looking very gorgeous today, Y/N,” Luke said quietly, giving you his small, dorky smile. You kept blushing, finding yourself back on the couch next to Luke and Ashton. The both of them turn to you and kiss the sides of your head. 

“What the fuck, you guys?” Calum asked, looking at the audacious boys flirt and touch you nonchalantly. “Nope, not doing this. Y/N, get the fuck over here.” Calum used his index finger to gesture you over. 

“But I like the couch–”

“I don’t give a fuck about what you like,” Calum said coolly. “Get the fuck over here right now!” You pout before reluctantly leaving the couch to go to Calum. Calum immediately grabs your waist and sits you on his lap. While you smile at one of the cameras, Ashton puts up his hands and curls his fingers in the air as he bit his bottom lip.

“Calum, your girlfriends ass is just.. mm,” Ashton said quietly, his ass-grabbing gestures going forwards and backwards. Calum snapped his head at him, his eyes seeping with anger and jealousy. Ashton put his hands up and shrugged before darting his eyes to the TV. “I’m just saying, mate.” Ashton finally pushed him to the limit. 

“We’ll be right back,” Calum starts as he smacks your thigh twice. You stand up, having him stand up right after. He immediately grabs your wrist and drags you out of the living room. But, of course, the boys didn’t stop there.

“When you come back, Y/N, can you sit on my lap like you sat on Calums?” Michael called out, causing Calum to tighten his grip on your wrist. He drags you through a hallway leading to the room you two shared. As he did, you gave smiles out to the cameras. He then shuts the door behind you and gives you a very strong glare. 

“The fuck, Y/N?” Calum begins, looking at you with an angry and upset expression. “Why the fuck are the guys flirting with you? This has never fucking happened before.”

“Babe, they’re just being nice and complimenting me,” you said innocently, widening your eyes at him every time you fluttered your lashes. 

“Oh yes, because complimenting your ass that’s mine is flirting,” Calum growled. “Especially when the description isn’t even a word! It’s ‘mm,’ like, what the actual fuck, Y/N?”

“Calum, I can explain–” you decided that it was getting too heated and wanted to tell Calum the truth. 

“No, I don’t need an explanation to see what’s going on here!” Calum yelled, looking away with a pain look. “But I don’t care! You’re mine and only mine, you got that? Fuck my other mates because I am your boyfriend and they can’t have you.”

“Babe?” You asked quietly. Calum looked at you, fire practically dancing in his eyes. “This was just a little… prank.”

“A… prank?” Calum looked at you, his angry aura being replaced with shock and curiosity. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

“There’s a camera like, right there,” you pointed to the one on the drawer that was hid behind picture frames and flower vases. You smiled, looking over at a seemingly relieved Calum. “It was to show the fans how jealous you really get…”

“I hate you so much,” he mumbled before taking your wrists and pushing you to the wall. He put his face at your neck, making you blush furiously. “Oh, but how I love you so bad.” You felt his hot breath on your neck before feeling small, loving pecks.

“C-Calum, th-the pizza is gonna burn and the boys are still here…” you said quietly as you felt Calums teeth nibble on your neck. You felt his hands slide down your body to your waist. Tightening his fingers around your waist, he gives you a deadly stare with those chocolate eyes of his. 

“Fine,” he says simply, backing up just a bit. “But if you guys ever do that again, I’ll be teaching you a lesson or two on how mine you are. Prank or not.” You gulped, your face completely red as you nod at him. “And as for the fans,” Calum looked over at them. “Now you know one of my biggest flaws. You also know that this,” he pointed at you, “is mine and only mine. Got that?” He then nodded, looking back at you. 

“C’mon, Mr. ‘You’re Mine’ guy, the boys are waiting and I’m hungry,” you said quietly, grabbing his hand. He gives you a kiss on the lips before you take your phone and turn off the cameras. But, when you guys opened the door, there was Luke, Michael, and Ashton. They were on the floor, dying of laughter while Calum flushed and yelled at them for pretending to flirt with you. 


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