kiwi comedy


Classic Kiwi comedy!!!

I’ll see you cunts next week.

hobbitcon, day 3:

- Smaug wearing a Pornobalken

- morning coffee at the panel with Ryan and John Bell

- Ryan got an Oscar (with a hillarious acceptance speech…or more acceptance crying)

- Billy and Mark fought over a chair (in German)

- Craig as Kim Kardashian in the kiwi comedy panel (with chips-boobs and a great butt)

- Jed and Mark Hadlow shared a kiss (and I mean a kiss, not just a tiny little thing)

- Dean got to save Graham… but got caught in return. very dramatic

- Dwarves singing “Misty Mountain”

- Billy singing “The Last Goodbye” (so awesome)

I have like 1800 photos to sort though so you will get to see some nice highlights when I get back home :)