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Do you like stickers? Do you like Steven Universe? Do you like things of roughly the same size? WELL BOY HOWDY CHECK IT OUT theyre finally done!! You can get these as

individual stickers

or all together, or in groups like just the crystal gems or the cool kids (remember when choosing size that its measuring the whole sheet, so dont get small!)

and even though these were made to be stickers you can also get other stuff like tshirts and journals and this bag thing

i might do more in the future to make the characters i skipped (like lapis, jasper, etc) so if you dont see your fave here, dont fret too much :]

oh also, here are the speedpaints: part 1 / part 2

@kismeti replied to your post “anyone wanna buy some 300 somethin pinkie pies?”

what kind of pinkie pies

all kinds, i’ve got plush toys, brushables, trendy vinyl collectibles, EQ dolls, blind bags,,,, cards,,,, basically i purchased every item i saw with pinkie pie on it for like two whole years…

shit i even have the plush toys and flat things cataloged (didn’t get to the figures because they’re numerous and they don’t have tags)

(( ))

anonymous asked:

Did u read slate interview everyone is talking about? Are they uhm important reviewers?

Well they’re not particularly important in terms of music. I mean, they’re well known, they tend to post “controversial” editorials (not that this review was controversial, just that controversial think pieces are kinda their thing). They’re not a trashy tabloid, put it that way.

Yeah, I read that one - it’s the one that basically said Harry was letting down his female fans by writing about sex with women instead of making good on the homoerotic future he promised them. The one that said he was desperate to prove his hetero leanings. Yeah, nah.

That part just read like a disgruntled fan, to be honest. The journalist thought Carolina was successful and referred to it as being about a fan. That is clearly a fan-led interpretation (*cough* stalkers), which would be fine if he didn’t frame the article as a ‘letter from a pop critic’. 

He answered a fan on Twitter who said “maybe he (H) writes about girls because *gasp* he likes girls?” and he replied that it wasn’t that Harry shouldn’t write about girls, he was just talking about the way he wrote about them. But if you take the album as a whole, songs like Two Ghosts, Carolina and From the Dining Table, which he thought were really successful and vivid depictions of love, and loss and character, are also about Harry’s relationships with women. But y’know what? Sometimes it’s not just sensitive topics like love, longing and loss that drive a 22 year old guy to write a song….sometimes it’s just plain old uncomplicated lust. 

He refers to that as ‘big bad wolf leering’, and sure - a whole album of that would be unbearably tiresome. But the album is not just Only Angel and Kiwi. It’s a collection of feelings and experiences and moods. I would hate if Harry felt he couldn’t express parts of himself because his female fans would disregard all the more nuanced depictions of how he relates to the women in his life and decide only those songs sum him up.