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The Order of St Hubertus has just murdered an American Supreme Court Justice.

This organization and organizations like it, including but firmly not limited to the Free Masons, the Shriners, Odd Fellows, Rotary International, Kiwanis International, and the  Bavarian Illuminati are attempting to control and morph our politics, culture, and values.  Resist them!  Speak out!  Educate yourself on their existence and prevalence.  When the Shriners ride by in your city parade, scream at them!  Tell them you know what the old cowards are doing!  Their greatest fear is their secrecy being stripped from them. Call out your grandfather who’s in one of these organizations and thinks there’s nothing wrong with them.  Tell him that he is contributing to a cancerous agenda that seeks only to divert our gazes from their nefarious goals.  Sit him down and tell him “Grandpa, you need to stop.  You need to leave these men and return to our lives.”  If he agrees, see if you can get the key to their meeting house before he quits for good.  If you get the key, go to the meeting place and take any document you can find.  Scan them and post them to the internet.  Expose their members and their secrets.  Do not stand idly by and do nothing as those around us whisper and plot.  Rise together against this internal threat.  Act

Kiwanis Family Relations start with 1, 2, 3.

 The true gateway to building K-Family Relations is your sponsoring
Kiwanis Club, they are the ones the sponsor Key Clubs and have
connections to other Kiwanis and Young Professionals Clubs. As a
consequence of Kiwanis Rules and Regulations, Circle K clubs must go
through your Kiwanis Club in order to participate in event with Key
Clubs. Once you establish a working relationship with your Kiwanis
Club, you can invite and work with any club in the Kiwanis Family.

  Easier said than done, how does ‘strengthening’ and building a
relationship work exactly? Let’s break it down into steps. Gauge where
your club may be in regards to relations, be take it from there.

•       Ground Zero: No relationship with Kiwanis Club. The first step for a
club with no relations with a sponsoring club is to find out who is
sponsoring club is looking at your charter documents or use the find a
local Kiwanis Club tool on the Kiwanis International Website. Usually
a regional advisor or other Circle K Clubs can help you with this.

•       Step One: Attend Kiwanis Club meeting or ensure that someone from
your club is able to attend their meetings at least twice a month.

•       Step Two: Try encouraging general members to attend meeting and talk
to Kiwanians before and after meetings, build personal relationships
and trade contact information.

•       Step Three: Sign up for Kiwanis events and volunteer your clubs to
attend their events and ask and opportunities to work with Key Club
and Kiwins.

These steps are fairly basic and this will vary based on your
situation but good to use as a general guide.

Besides attending Kiwanis Meetings, other ways to connect with Kiwanis
and Key Clubs include planning services events, like Kiwanis One Day,
in which all branches of the Kiwanis Family participate in a service
project in the month of April. Other ways of connecting include
attending Divisional Council Meetings and Board Meetings of both Key
Clubs and Kiwanis. Other possible events include planning fellowship
events like socials and inviting Kiwanis and Key Clubs to your clubs
meetings. Take the initiate and encourage your club to take one events
like Kiwanis Appreciation breakfasts, Career Panels, Key to College
Workshops for Key Clubbers. The list of possible ways to connect with
other clubs in the Kiwanis Family is endless, it all starts with one
person taking the initiative to reach out and commit to building

John Delshadi