I've gotta hand it to ya.

May 16th, 2014

Something that I’ve always wanted to write about. As I gear myself up for tomorrow, 3 other District Board members and I are on a quest to enlighten Kiwanis LTG’s in CNH about Circle K. Back when I was a sophomore in High School, a Kiwanis advisor always came out to our meetings. Usually attracted by the fact that the Kiwanians would offer us free breakfast if we came to the meetings, I grew close to a lot of my Kiwanians. I’d go to the meetings alone sometimes, just so there was some representation from our home club in High School. I got more people to visit more meetings and we eventually made it a regular thing to do when we went to Kiwanis meetings. They’d offer us service projects, support at our events, and invited us to various things. Who knew that they’d be the ones to help my friends charter a Circle K? Although I was invited within the process of the charter, It’s amazing how our very own roots can help us. Our Kiwanians saw us grow up. They saw dedication and always believed in us. No matter what kind of service project we did within our community, they were always happy to say that they were proud of what we did. From raising a mere $30 to even $2000, their smiling faces always brought the same to ours. They would support us to go to International Convention and many other places. We were honored to have been sponsored by an amazing group of individuals.

- - - - - 

Seeing my Kiwanians who have watched me grow throughout the years at KIWINS DCON was such an honor. Here I was, standing there to where I am now because of my wonderful Kiwanians. For their endless support and dedication to making the youth better leaders and people of character, I was able to grow into the person I am now. That’s why advisors all around deserve all the appreciation. They always believe in us and never cease to be amazed every time we commit ourselves to doing service. They are willing to help alongside us in anything that we do. All it takes is a simple hello. Your Kiwanians are always there for you. A second family, supporting the Circle K community in any way that they can. 

Take the time to recognize your Kiwanians for what they do. My Kiwanians never cease to show their endless support. Even at our District Events, I still see my wonderful Kiwanians around. It really warms my heart to see that they still care.

It’s always a win-win relationship with your Kiwanians.

Help out our local Kiwanians at the La Jolla Half Marathon!

When: Sunday, April 26; 6a~10a
Where: La Estancia Resort
What: packaging, item distribution, water station

Please remember to sign up both on our calendar and through the Kiwanians via this website. Hope to see you there!