I would like to start the action #Let women know about the female ski jumpers, with this post about Paula Lamberg. More specific, the countess Paula von Lamberg who was born in Kitzbuehel (Austria) on 21st September 1887. She set the first World Record, in 1911, wearing a long dress, jumped 22 meters and it was first officially measured jump of a woman. It’s hard to say if this dress was helping or disturbing while duration the jump, it was ofc uncomfortable but could lengthen her jump. She was also first major new talent on ski jumping and is considered a pioneer of the women’s ski jumping in Central Europe. Her husband was a racing driver and she took part in some competitions with him as a pilot. Paula, the Flying Countess, Paula, the modern Countess, Paula the first female ski jumper died as fast as she lived, during a racing with her husband on 4th September 1927.