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Get to know me!
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Tagged by alphas-pupcake
Name: Chaos
Time and date: 2:12pm. June 12th.
Nicknames: chaos, daddy, sir, mister, bear
Birthday: September 25th.
Sexual Orientation: heteroflexible, polysexual
Height: 5"8″
Favorite Colours: purple and black
One Place That Makes Me Happy: my bed with my cats and the tv
Favourite Movie: no favourites
What I Am Wearing Right Now: shorts
Last Book I Read: no idea
Most Used Phrase: “wanker".
First Word That Comes to Mind: fishnets
What I Said Last Night to a Family Member: didnt.
Favourite Drink/Beverage: no favourites
Favourite Food: no favourites
Last Movie I Saw in Theaters: the theory of everything
Dream Vacation: canada
Dream Wedding: on the moon
Dream Pet: main coon
Dream job: restaurant owner
I tag: kittywanks allybear-jpg kittenprxncess thesongthatno1singz daddyissueshotline mike-the-tbdl

baby, each and every day that passes, i grow to love you more and more
I want to be the perfect man for you and I swear on my name and on my mind, body and soul that I will do my best to make you happy for as long as you would have me :3 you make the world a better place and i am so proud to call you my girlfriend, my princess and my baby girl
you are so beautiful, my angel.

- to princess kittywanks
- love from daddy