While he’d been speaking with the stranger that had taken over his roommate’s blog, he’d been making sure the children were all in bed - he was the only one on duty tonight. He also made sure to grab his sword before heading home, his hand holding tight to the sheath.

DS quickly typed in the coordinates for the apartment he shared with Roxy, transportalizing home. He carefully started through the apartment, sword at the ready.


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Hello there, I’m Dirk and there’s open bags of Doritos around me, but they’re all empty. Where did they go? These whole past few minutes have been an orange dusted blur, I can’t remember. I don’t really know what the point is in telling you that, but there it is, I can’t take it back. Actually I could, because I’m currently typing this and could easily press the delete button for a couple of seconds, but let’s be honest, that is far too much work. Plus, I’ve spent all this time writing this up and now I’m too invested in these stupid ass words to just delete them, so there.