kittypwnstehworlddoctorwholiasexualdinosaur theagle43jaspenmyawesomesocks-parkhoppernooneisasawesomeasgastonkeaneartfyeahprincessaurora • kaylamarieisme

: One of my best friends in the entire universe, and has a rather glorious k-pop blog.
doctorwholia: Another best friend in the universe, who happens to like The Mighty Boosh, Doctor Who, and a whole bunch of other stuff I’m too lazy to list right now. 
sexualdinosaur: Another best friend in the universe, who loves Harry Potter, Glee, Doctor Who, and lots of other stuff I’m too lazy to type out.
theagle43: Some guy who just became obsessed with Sherlock and The Hunger Games.
jaspen: A pretty rad guy who likes Harry Potter and lots of funny things and porn.
myawesomesocks-: One of the first people I began to follow, who likes pokemon and funny things.
parkhopper: One of my favorite Disney blogs.
nooneisasawesomeasgaston: My favorite Gaston roleplay blog ever. Upon discovering it I laughed like a hyena then fell in love with Gaston.
keaneart: I love Glen Keane and Claire Keane’s work, and believe me when I say, this blog has it all. 
fyeahprincessaurora: My favorite Princess Aurora blog. 
kaylamarieisme: My first best friend! She owns a rather quality blog of photography, art, and anything adorable.
fatnastytrash: A new friend! She loves Homestuck.
wormstacheofterror: Another new friend! SUPERNATURAL SUPERNATURAL SUPERNATURAL.

that’s all folks

mekakushi-idol  asked:

thats how im going to threaten people from now on ill be like "aye watch yo self fool" and they will be like "or wat gurl" and ill be like "ill set falcon on you" and they will be like "you aint got no falcon hoe" and ill be like "OHOHOHO THATS WHERE YOUR WRONG, BITCH!" and i bust out salvador and be like "this lil pimp chose me to be its owner" and they will run away and cry because i have a falcon baby