Sailor Moon’s new laser pointer toy #cantcatchthis #kittyluv #petsmart #onsale


Can’t even here her little kitty purr but she’s lovely at times. #sniperseries #kittyluv #shesalmostayear #stillakittytome #stupidhashtags #iknow #pissoff


This is what happens when Goliath won’t play with Odin…Odin spazzes out. #catstagram #kittyluv #furbabies #brothers


I have one of the best friends ever, not only did she get me a ticket so I could go with her to FanExpo, she waited in line with me during the photo Ops missing out on a couple of the things she wanted to see.

And she did purely because she knew how much meeting Norman Reedus meant to me. Anyone who knows me,  knows I love the movie Boondock Saints I was hooked the day I saw it.

People who really know me, know I’ve seen pretty much seen every movie Norman has been in, I’ve been a fan since I was 11 and I got to  meet him today.

Both Sean and Norman are so nice, I gave them both drawings I did and they were so nice about it.

Sean even took a picture of me with it :) and then said I wasn’t getting it back lol.

But for me, the best part of the day was Norman saying. “I feel like I caught me a Kayla.” He even remembered me when I went to his photo op and the Boondock Saint photo op.

It was the highlight of my year for sure. So thank you. Kittyluv

I love you <3

Goliath update! His foot is pretty bad, the gash is between his toes and very deep but he didn’t lose the claw like in originally though. He’s resting, they’ve cleaned it up and stitched what they could. Because I can’t go back for him this afternoon he is spending the night at the vet and he can come home tomorrow! #kittyluv #goliathchronicles #catstagram #furbaby