I have one of the best friends ever, not only did she get me a ticket so I could go with her to FanExpo, she waited in line with me during the photo Ops missing out on a couple of the things she wanted to see.

And she did purely because she knew how much meeting Norman Reedus meant to me. Anyone who knows me,  knows I love the movie Boondock Saints I was hooked the day I saw it.

People who really know me, know I’ve seen pretty much seen every movie Norman has been in, I’ve been a fan since I was 11 and I got to  meet him today.

Both Sean and Norman are so nice, I gave them both drawings I did and they were so nice about it.

Sean even took a picture of me with it :) and then said I wasn’t getting it back lol.

But for me, the best part of the day was Norman saying. “I feel like I caught me a Kayla.” He even remembered me when I went to his photo op and the Boondock Saint photo op.

It was the highlight of my year for sure. So thank you. Kittyluv

I love you <3