Um you guys..

So last night after falling asleep on skype and my laptop overheating a highly unusual dream unfolded…

My landlord appeared at my house and started complaining that he could hear our music from Australia… So I chased him out with a Baguette yelling nonsense in a French accent interspersed with ‘Haw He Haw’s and 'Run back to mommy yer yeller bastard’… He’s not French as far as I’m aware.

After this I for some reason absolutely HAD to go for a walk, so I did. After getting literally 200 yards from my house Volpe crawled out of a bush, decreed that 'pants were no longer legal’ stole my trousers and disappeared into the ether.

And so I continued walking in naught but my boxer shorts and a hoodie. After another few hundred yards I was suddenly aware that someone was holding my hand… To my delight it was Kyrie ^^ I was totally unaware of her approach but did not question it, or how she got there. And we carried on walking, and talking and holding hands and it was lovely.

Next peculiarity we come across is a pile of clothes in the middle of the train tracks. Upon investigation I discovered it was MY clothes! All of my clothes with the exception of what I was wearing and my trousers that I assumed were with Volpe in the Ether still… Anyway, on the pile was a pink post-it note with a drawing of a paw and the word Kraken. Upon seeing this Kyrie got so mad she started yelling at Decnikov to do something. he was utterly confused as to how he got there and why he was being yelled at but nonetheless he decided the only fit course of action would be to turn my legs into a fish tail and after a stunned moment of not knowing what to do next… I fell over.

The impact of this falling over must have matched up with my falling out of bed because I woke up on the floor with my phone in my face complaining it had low battery.

And that kids. Was last night.