New “Piratematsu” keychains are here!

They got all types of riches, but what else?

Let’s see, Osomatsu has Totoko, Karamatsu has Chibita, Choromatsu has Nyaa, Jyushimatsu has his girlfriend and Shonosuke, and Todomatsu has his three dude friends there (and Atsushi conspicuously placed with those hearts, yes!).

And Ichimatsu? Cats all over!

Other new Piratematsu merch include buttons and these “WANTED NEET OR ALIVE” folders for the guys.

When aphobes try to make it seem like their aphobia is okay by saying “cishets made me suffer trauma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” all I can think is “Okay that is truly awful that you had to suffer but aces aren’t cishet so tf have they got to do with it?”