I’ve dreaming of ice cream lately.  I’m going to have an afternoon ice-cream date with sweet Elizabeth at Carmela’s ice cream in Pasadena.  I have not gone there yet, but Cundo is always raving about it.  They have very interesting flavor such as lavender-honey, earl gray, and cucumber sorbet.  I soooo can’t wait for this weekend.



day 2 of the 5-days 3-art pieces a day Facebook challenge, nominated byRodney Fuentebella. My favorite subject of all time! CATS!!!! Here are some paintings of my Junior and late Snoopy. So much fun to paint them.

Painting 1, “Mmmmmm. Pie!!!!” My Junior only has 3 teeth and kinda gross overall, but I LOVE him so much. And my Snoopy was a very sweet and graceful kitty.

Painting 2, There’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! It’s true!

Painting 3, Love love love Wes Anderson. Love the the Grand Budapest Hotel.


Orange turkey loves fishies and milk.

Okay, she’s an orange kitty.  The whole thing about calling orange cats as orange turkey is because of my friend Caroline Overman.  She always have great luck with them and all her sweetest cats were orange.  And for very funny reasons (which is a very long and hilarious story that is for another time) she always calls orange cats as orange turkey, LOL!!!  I just thought the whole turkey thing is too funny, especially the way she says it and it just kinda stuck with me. Now every time I see orange cats I hear Carolyn’s excited scream in my head “orange turkey!”  Hahaha!  She is actually looking to adopt one at the moment, hope she finds her orange turkey soon.


Thursday is tea time with Griz. Junior is particularly fond of earl grey
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