day 3 of 5x3x Facebook challenge.  FOOD with cats.

I’m such a foodie.  Nothing makes me happier than having a great meal.  I’m addicted to anything sweet.  I have a group of friends at DreamWorks that have the same interest and passion for food, the “Pie Club”.  These are seriously the greatest group of friends I could ever asked.  Pie Club forever!!!!!

First painting, “I LOVE donut!”  I mean, who doesn’t?  Especially when they are covered with pink glaze, which is my favorite flavor.  Also, I’m a huge fan of black cats.  They are simply gorgeous!!!  And…  your cat glitter (cat hair  on your clothes) won’t show up in everything you wear.  Yes, Jessie, I think of Shogun or Pusskin whenever I paint a black kitty

Second painting, “Ice cream please”.  A painting of my cat, Snoopy.  I was dreaming of ice cream when I made this one.  I had an ice dream date with Elizabeth (John and Christine Swanson’s daughter).  And for whatever reason Saturday couldn’t come early enough that week.

Third painting, “Cheeseburger NOM NOM!!!”  Another painting of my cat Snoopy.  I love that cat so much.  She was such a pretty cat.  I made this illustration for Cheeseburger day.  Sometimes, all I want is a good cheeseburger, well….  nowadays it’ll be a super delicious VEGGIE cheeseburger. 


Orange turkey loves fishies and milk.

Okay, she’s an orange kitty.  The whole thing about calling orange cats as orange turkey is because of my friend Caroline Overman.  She always have great luck with them and all her sweetest cats were orange.  And for very funny reasons (which is a very long and hilarious story that is for another time) she always calls orange cats as orange turkey, LOL!!!  I just thought the whole turkey thing is too funny, especially the way she says it and it just kinda stuck with me. Now every time I see orange cats I hear Carolyn’s excited scream in my head “orange turkey!”  Hahaha!  She is actually looking to adopt one at the moment, hope she finds her orange turkey soon.