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(If I forgot anyone, send me hate mail and hit me on the head. Sorry.)

@duranduranofficial I appreciate you, men of Duran.  Without your music, my life would be soundless and much much less fun. Thank you.

Nick, wherever you are, I hope you are well.  Sending love  <3.


I need your help. I’m making a montage video for “Danceophobia” for YouTube and Tumblr. I’m looking for good and outrageous footage, gifts, pics, etc of them dancing or just being ridiculous. Anything of Nick Rhodes dancing would be awesome. There’s a pic of Nick at a club shrugging his shoulders because he won’t get on the dance floor..looking for that too. I’m soooo going to have fun with this……Tag me with anything you don’t mind sharing! I will definitely credit anybody that helps! fastrthanlite allegra0 wolvesteaparty ofcrimeandpassionn nightboat nickrhodeslittledarling nickskeyboards nickrhodeseyeliner androidghost durannielover fuckyeah80snewwave friendsofmineforever gary-numeme imdancingonthevalentine john-taylor-daily jamieaiken919 johnspleasuregroove kittyduran karma-chameleon-x queenduranie rediscoverthe80s rhodesfascination simonlebin unionofthesnake ubetterhurrytogetapieceofbach walkintheshadows AND PLEASE REBLOG! Thanks guys!!!!!