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I was tagged by kittycollar19

1. Give me your honest opinion of me? (kittycollar19)

you’re really cute (looks & personality) and even though we have had difficult times you’re always there for me and i admire you and how you get through so much :D ily

2. Tell one embarrassing thing about yourself. We won’t judge. (I Promise.)

i’m afraid of the dark

3. OTP, nOTP, brOTP?



don’t pay attention to those things ._.

brOTP: Michael and Gavin (<- have to agree on that one)

4. Worst food experience!

meh.. lots… i’m a very picky eater. i suppose one would be when my grandma was eating some sort of dip with bread and i thought it was dirt and i was really disgusted.

5.  Would you rather have dicks for fingers or a finger for a dick? (I got this from a Tyler Oakley video omfg I’m so sorry)

If I was a boy I would rather have dicks for fingers and then get surgery to replace the dicks with fingers so I could keep my original dick because if I were a dude I totally rather have a dick than not I mean right?  LOL

^I second this answer. (written by kittycollar) plastic surgery solves anything.

6.  Any pets?

a bird that i love so much :D

7. Favorite Youtuber?


8. List your fandoms.

Roosterteeth, RvB, Supernatural.

9. Would you rather go to Hogwarts or Half-blood Camp?

Not sure what half-blood camp is??? Not much of a harry potter fan but hogwarts looks really fun. i’d like to fly on broomsticks.

10. What person (living or dead, real or fictional) in this world do you relate to most?

not. easy. there would be quite a bit. i think Tris is really relatable, though tbh, fiction-wise. But in reality, Ash and Stealth i think :o

11.  Favorite color (always top priority)?


12.  Dream pet(s)?

ducklings and a cat. (they wouldn’t be in the same room though, promise.)

13.  One activity that always makes you happy and feel good about yourself (ie, reading a good book, hiking, drawing, watching a favorite movie, playing a game, doing something with friends, reading comics, snuggling a kitten, etc)?  

definitely reading, playing video games (when they’re not making me rage..) and listening to music, and being alone outside, and stargazing.

14.  Number of siblings you have, and your age in relation to them (ie, youngest, second oldest, middle of five, etc)?  

2 siblings, i am the middle child o.o

15.  Number of siblings you wish you had?


16.  Dragon or unicorn?  


17.  Do you believe in God?   (you can give a simple yes or no, or you can elaborate why if you like)  


18.  Story of how you and your best friend met each other?  

i already knew her from French class but we didn’t really KNOW each other. then we went camping and she was a part of my venture crew, and she and i spent 3 days nonstop together so by the end of the camping trip we were best friends already c:

19.  Which of these three places would you rather live in: the mountains, in a big metropolis, or near the beach?  


20.  What is your favorite thing about yourself?  (physical feature or characteristic of your personality)

i can always make (most) people laugh.

21.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

to be more accepting of others and less aggravated >_>

22.  Favorite Disney movie!

don’t have one. some are Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Tangled, Homeward Bound, Monsters university.. there’s more, but yeah.

23. character you have a crush on

Tad Ibsen

24. favorite food

pasta and snow cones (not together..)

24. favorite snack

cheese sticks

26. favorite HEALTHY snack

any fruit, really.

27. coffee or tea


28. last text sent


29. what would your “spirit animal” be

David Lee Roth.

30. what was the last thing you thought about before u went to sleep last night

like i remember… i honestly have no idea what goes through my mind before i sleep D:

31. what do you wear to bed?

one of my Disney t-shirts

My questions:

32. one of your favorite sounds in the world

33. something very special to you

34. favorite word

35. favorite video game (or movie i guess if you don’t play video games)

36. favorite (or one of your favorite) books

37. night, day, dawn or dusk?

38. most ideal place to live?

39. favorite weather (including storms)

40. what is one thing you love most about someone you know?