I tried to pet my very shy foster Morrie for the first time today (I was nervous bc he still has v sharp claws and I’ve been nicked by him twice)…… and he let me! I was apprehensive bc he turned his head away but when I started scratching a little at his cheek he leaned his head into my palm and I knew I had him >:3 It felt very rewarding!


i sped out of my house to find charmanders last night… i found one but it ran away. tracked the other one for three blocks but the peets weren’t getting lesser so i gave up and turned around to go home. on the way i ran into…a stray cat. i knelt down and see if it would let me pet and it did! he was super friendly. i checked for collars and tags but found nothing, figured i’d go to the vet/call the humane society tomorrow to have him scanned for a chip. if he was a stray it’s better to get him off the streets anyway, there are lots of cars around here during the day since it’s near two schools. 

i posted pics of him on twitter and one of my friends expressed interesting in adopting and footing the vet bill if he turned out to be a stray, so the next morning i called a bunch of vets to see if one could squeeze him in. i called two before the third had an opening..and they were also a pokestop so i loaded up on balls while i was in the waiting room B)

the vet exam went well, he didn’t end up having a microchip. they estimated him to be roughly 3-5 years old and he also tested negative for feLV and FIV so that’s awesome news! they didn’t find any fleas on him but gave me a sample of flea control anyway to use on him, and even two free cans of food T_T thank you pokestop vet

took him back to my place, applied the flea control, let him chill, then gave him a flea bath scrub down bc he really was pretty dirty especially on his peets. after his bath he was so fluffy! at night we drove him to his new home and he’s already settled in nicely. he’s such a sweet cat! i’m super glad he has a nice home and will have a buddy soon as well. thanks pokemon go