Reasons to Love Cats

     If you’re just a lonely teenager who sits around on wattpad and blogs all day like me, then a cat, (or four) might be a good decision for you.  If you’re sitting there asking why, then keep on reading.  If you’re sitting there saying “I have a cat…  I have that life already,” then still, keep reading and tell me that my opinion isn’t accurate.  Or, if you’re thinking “Cats are just dumb animals, who needs them?” then hopefully I can change you’re mind.

     The first reason you should own a cat is…  They’re pretty independent animals, so you don’t need to bathe them like you do a dog, and you don’t need to constantly fill up the food bowl, because they don’t hog it all at once like dogs.  Now, I’m saying they’re independent, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require love and attention.  A cat could  be your best friend if you gave it the time and attention that they want and deserve.  I have four cats, and two of them constantly want loved on, while the other two only want touched if the food bowl is empty.

     The second reason is…  They’re incredibly adorable.  Literally everything they do will send you into the whole ‘aweee!!’ stage, like when old people see babies. Cats just have those faces where they know they can get whatever it is that they want.  My cats know how to sucker me into just about anything.  I literally cannot eat cereal without giving them some of the milk, I can’t eat a turkey sandwich without sharing the turkey, and I can’t leave a cup that has any liquid in it what so ever without them knocking it onto the floor.  They always leave the empty ones, and I don’t know why.  But, i still find everything they do adorable.

     The third reason is…  Lots of people love cats, so if you’re a teenage girl that is addicted to social media sites, blogs, and just the internet in general, odds are, you have at lease one cat, and/or have multiple internet friends who have cats.  Cats are a great topic for sites like tumblr, which I also have blogs on, the links will be at the bottom, because there a lot of funny cat memes that people reblog, cute pictures that have funny comments on the reblogs, and they’re jsut the perfect animal for people to complain about, mainly because they lay all over everything.  Yes, including the keyboard you type with, the mouse you move with, and they also chase the mouse pointer on the screen.  That has actually happened to me today.

     Number four would be…  Cats are naturally photogenic.  You can never take a bad picture of a cat, because they’re always perfect.  Even if you do get a bad picture, it’s still not bad.  The good pictures you take of cats are the ones where it looks like they’re getting family photos done.  They’re sitting upright, looking straight at the camera, and have the most majestic facial features.  The 'bad’ ones you take, are the ones where they illustrate the cat’s everyday life.  i.e. Their tongue hanging out, a penis shaped white mark on their face,or them sitting in a jar, because they can.  They’re always perfect, no matter what.

     The fifth and final reason I can think of at this moment in time is…  They are royal animals.  The cat was worshiped by ancient Egyptians a long time ago, and even worshiped now by said teenage girls stated in reason number three.  They keep themselves immensely clean, they don’t get their hair wet not because they hate water, but because they are too good to look like a drowned peasant.  Their breath never smells like a dog’s would, and they don’t hog down all of their food at once, because it’s not what a King or Queen would do.  They would take their time and savor every flavor, because it’s there for them and only them.  They only like to be pet certain places, and they make that known.  If a Queen doesn’t want to go out for dinner, they will have you beheaded, and if a cat doesn’t want their belly rubbed, your hands will pay for it by burning slits being clawed into your hand.

     So, if this doesn’t change your mind a little bit, then don’t worry, because I plan to have another post at a later date to continue onto this one.  If you’re interested in following this blog on blogger, go to, and if you’re interested in following my other blog, From a Cat’s Purrspective, go to


These children of mine at work are just the biggest jerks. Look at him reenacting the lion king. #kitty #kittyblog #catsofinstagram #cute #babies

A little introduction

I was given up to the Seattle Humane Society on 8-30-2009 with my kittens because there were too many of us. Though no one knows my exact date of birth, they guessed it was 13-03-2008.

When I was given up I was only 9 months old, only 7.25lbs, I had ear mites in both of my ears, and a scratch behind one of them. My hair was matted, and I was covered in fleas. Worst of all I was an early mom! But at least my previous owners gave me up, or I would have gotten even sicker.

I was given to foster care with my one remaining kitten, and three foster kittens that I was feeding. But by the time I returned to the humane society on 9-13-2009, 3 of the kittens had died from an upper respiratory infection, and the last adoptive kitten and I were still sick. Though I was doing okay the adoptive kitten was doing poorly.

But good news! We both recovered and became available for adoption. The Seattle Humane society spayed me so I wouldn’t have to have any more kittens, but because of how early I got pregnant my growth is stunted. But it works to my advantage, I’ll look like a kitten for all eternity!

When I was first adopted I was really scared, but when my new parents let me go back in my cage I cried and cried, sealing my fate to be with them for the rest of my life. I had to be spayed first, but finally I got to go home on 10-05-2009.

My new mommy and daddy(Daddy is a looser and calls them by these names) signed a contract promising to keep me healthy and happy, and if I should ever need to be given up again to contact the Humane society so they can make sure I stay safe! They even called after 2 weeks to make sure my transition was going well.

My original name was Grace, but it was changed to Belka, because daddy was learning Russian and it was pretty obvious I was part Russian blue. (They think the other part is Persian, because of my short nose and fluffy fur!) and the way I held my super-long tail looked like a squirrel. Later I showed them just how much I fit my new name by running across the wall. They still don’t know how I got all the way to the ceiling!

Though I’m really shy I love to sit around daddy, and he’s gathered quite a collection of pictures of me. Since he had no life, he’s typing for me(no thumbs!) and putting them on tumblr so everyone can see my cuteness.

But while I’ve got you here, make sure to support the Seattle Humane Society! They worked really hard to make sure only the best owner got me and took a long time caring for me. The only way they can do that and keep other kitties alive is with donations!



The evil toilet paper over lord must be stopped! #cat #kitty #kittyblog

the beginning of a blog~

Though…this is a bit different looking kittyblog so far.


there is no kitty yet.

So I could call this a ‘pre-kitty’ blog that will turn into an actual cat-blog later.

Until then, I will put here some ponderings, writings about to-be-cat and getting a cat. Also, a biggest thing I will do now/later is comics. (some drawn by hand, some with computer). Also when the kitty will move in, there will be photos and videos~ XD
I will try to update this blog now every day until I get my long waited cat. (I allready have some comics ready ;D)

…but now just a few words about me:

You can call me Woo. I live in Finland and for the longest time, I’d wanted to get my own cat. For longest time when I was little, I had asthma, but I’m pretty much cured from that as well as my pet-allergies. I’ve wanted my own little furball for forever. And now I think, as the year 2011 is at end, that it will be the time.
My roommate is all with this (and she will also be contributing here at times) and there has been some searches for the kitten already. I’m addicted in making blogs so yah…just wanted to create this out of fun of it, out of wanting to make small comics and because this will be my first real fluffy pet. ;u;<3

So..this is the setting…and on wards we shall go from here. Thank you for tuning in and this is the beginning….