Hey guys.  I am opening up commissions for a little while before I head up North for my last bit of travel for the year.  Before I go I want to get kitten’s teeth checked on (I’m a bit concerned about how his adult sharp and pointies are developing!) and it’s all starting to now add up pretty quickly so I want to get ontop of it.  Be aware I am not in any financial crisis so this is more of a ‘hey, if you’re keen for some art from me, now is the time’. :)

I am a hobbist traditional artist - everything is made with pencil, ink (brush and pen), markers and sometimes watercolour too.

I made the above pricing images super quick, so just to confirm they are all in US dollars, and I take paypal payments (and bank deposits also for local New Zealanders).  The pricing does not also include shipping, which varies depending on the size of what you purchase.

Äny questions or if you are keen - feel free to PM me here or contact me at my email:

I also have a Storenvy (click the link to see it) which I left sale items on sale since I’m too lazy to edit them all right now, so hey - continuing sale there too!

Favorite artists, writers, and people

I keep a static post on this blog and my art blog, but I like to post from time to time to show my appreciation.

Most of the artists are Fairy Tail related, but there are some I really just enjoy their personal art.

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