REC LIST: FT-related Blogs 2.0!

The new year has just arrived…and, along with it, this new and updated list of recommended FT-related blogs for anyone here who’s new to the Fairy Tail fandom!

A few notes:

  • As with the previous rec list, this list was composed by myself. It consists of the many blogs that I have looked through around here, using the “Fairy Tail” tag (and other tags related to it), for the past couple of years.    
  • Also, this rec list consists of blogs that have previously posted FT-related content, and blogs that are still posting FT-related content up to the date this was posted.    
    • As a result, certain blogs may not be confined to the FT fandom, anymore (or, they have become multi-fandom, in some cases)—but, they are still listed below, since these blogs have posted FT-related content before.
  • Some of the blogs in this list may contain spoilers, and/or content that is NSFW. To those who are squeamish of either one (or both)—be advised! 
  • Finally, to make it more organized, and easier to update, this list is sorted in the alphabetical order. 

So, without further ado, here’s the list of recommended FT-related blogs to follow!

A to C

@acnologias-ass - @aeselyn - @al-lium - @aloosh-s - @amaranth121 - @amehanaaa - @angrycucco - @ann-kouhai - @animoozies - @approvesport - @arikafd - @arisa-o1 - @artsy-alice - @arya-aiedail - @asketchbookthing - @aya-eisen - @ayumichi-me - @beaglecakes - @becausewhenyoupracticeyouimprove - @bianww - @blamedorange - @blanania - @blazexkeys - @bloodredruby - @bludy-chu - @blueironlily - @bonneyq - @brolinfinity - @buberryz - @capaleran2 - @carishinlove - @ccrispy - @cdart-carmendaniele - @chalcedonydraws - @charswarrenxo - @charuzu2712 - @chello8893 - @chengggg - @chesxca-c - @chiire - @chikach00 - @chikaede - @chootim - @chsabina - @cocassion - @cocobite - @constellunaa

D to F

@d-eliade - @damasath-art - @dariuna - @darth–brick - @deeteagirl - @devilishmirajane - @doginshoe - @dooshiedoosh - @doublepasse - @dragneelmedown - @dragnoots - @dudakka - @elviradreaminess - @emmys-sketchbook - @en-cher-blue - @epeolatryx - @eqqlo - @erzawesome - @eriboook - @eruzayne - @esthellar - @faeriesylph - @fainttwinkling - @fairytailsanddragonscales - @fairytailwitch - @fatedsong - @ferbooche - @ff-darkshininglight - @flamedork - @frannie2199 - @frogbearboo - @frosthsea

G to I

@gajeelsenpai - @gajeely - @geghanush - @ghostdesires - @giupear - @giushia - @grayinblack-art - @gundammeisterlyra - @hannah-nobody - @hikaritsu - @himurarei - @hirata-s - @honeyteacake - @hymad - @ieyasus - @illustraice - @iluvfairytail - @inksterlol - @inspired-destiny - @iwishiwasinfairytail - @itschildofthefairies - @itshiblog

J to L

@jadeoccelot - @jayniebear321 - @jirochan - @js-doodles - @juvialicious - @jxlight - @kagomenesan - @kanaehitomi - @kanarenee - @karokitten-chan - @keiid - @kenjocatze - @khaoticvex - @ki-nyong - @kipio - @kiss-me-khaos - @kissedbyiron - @kittyarts - @kkumri - @kristallin-f - @ladygt - @laharts - @lapoin - @laurentarzan - @leons-7 - @levycchi - @lezith - @lightalchemistfp-art - @liku-bears - @lissomeaid - @littlefairylevy - @locksters - @lolohime - @lonestorm - @love-n-lucky - @loveandlucky - @luciasatalina - @luckybachi - @lucy-ft - @lulu2222 - @lushinaa

M to O

@m-d-tr1 - @magerain - @mags-duranb - @maneaoana - @mangaguitar96 - @margherine - @meeredy - @melllllly - @micchiyume - @mirajanestrauss - @mirajens - @miss-fairy-tale - @miss-zei - @missnoirr - @missyplatinum - @momo-tari - @monoghost - @mrseucliffex - @mslead - @msktk - @mushi0131 - @n-a-d-h-i-e - @nalu-natic - @nalufever - @naluista - @nalutbh - @nanakoblaze - @nanashiart - @natsu-dorkneel - @natsv - @neato-ft - @neen-writes - @nicole4211 - @nie-ct - @nishi06 - @niue7 - @nsh92 - @ohmynatsu - @ooiikawas - @ootsukis - @ottotatertots - @oraclesoul

P to R

@papalogia - @pbbmk - @peoniespoppiesandowlsohmy - @phantombones - @phoenixx305 - @pinkhinori - @piranha-pk - @pocketwoman7 - @ponchizs - @poopblossom - @proudtobeaginger - @rainladyjuvia - @raezora - @rboz - @rchella - @rieriebee - @rivendell101

S to U

@s-a-r-a-r-a - @s-h-i-i-n-a - @sabizac - @samiichan - @sarapyon - @sarikos - @sassylin - @sayenisaperv - @secondorigin - @seiikas - @seiilah - @selenba - @semi-o - @seulil - @shadoouge - @shandisworld - @shiiemis - @shirookita - @siil-mallit - @silenced-desires - @sinnerela - @sirdragneel - @skullnar - @smaliorsha - @snogfairy - @snowmadien - @soprana-snap - @sorcerer-weekly - @spikerr - @spriggan-tail - @squisherific - @stephicool - @swordbreaker - @taleen777 - @tappity-tap - @tartatail - @thatartcorner - @the-archangel-of-zeref - @thecyberzombieart - @thefairywrites - @todorokii - @toxineena - @tsunderegirl13 - @tweekay - @umjustkatie - @unashamed-shipper - @unisonraidd

V to X

@vhazzrhossze - @viki-j-chan - @wendychuu - @whitedovehemlock - @whitefoxie - @whitemoonx9x - @wildrhov - @wombywoo - @writingissues - @x-benihime - @xdrawings-x - @xmelonhippo - @xternel

Y to Z

@yaushie - @yoriru - @youaintgotthefunk - @yukipandalove - @yuuba - @zakfair - @zerooff - @zippi44

If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns…let me know—and I’ll make the changes to this list!

Lineart by me

Colored by the AMAZINGLY TALENTED @kittyarts

Gruvia Week 2016 Day 3 - Family

LOOK AT THIS AMAZING PIECE! All the colors Kitty picked was is pure perfection! I’m so lucky to have such a talented friend! 

Featurting Cobalt and Azure Fullbuster (my nextgen Fariy tail kids)


The lovely couple was sharing an umbrella with their daughter in her mother’s arms while their son was smart enough to bring his own. An unfortunate gust of wind blew the umbrella out of Cobalt’s hands and Azure squirmed out of her mother’s arms to get it. With the umbrella in her hand, Azure proclaimed to her parents that the umbrella was now hers. Gray was skeptical because his daughter would had been blown away if he wasn’t already holding onto the umbrella without her knowing. Juvia couldn’t say no to her daughter and lovingly agreed. Agitated, Cobalt asked what he was supposed to do without an umbrella. Juvia pulled her son close to her explaining that Cobalt is simply going to take Azure’s place in her arms.

I never did one of these. How do they work? People usually put another picy down with a HUGE list of names but that’s a pain in the butt! Too much work! Or maybe I’m just lazy. Well the doodle above is like half an hour my hand isn’t co-operating

Does anyone even read what’s written on the image where theres a shit ton of names? I’m sure people just read what’s bellow in this text message box thing button clicker maker happener or they don’t read at all.

There I go off again rambling,eh?

Anyway serious mode time. Thank you everyone so much for following me! This blog has been growing pretty fast! I abandoned it for the longest time since I lost interest. But then I decided to come back and join the FT fandom here. Thank you everyone for letting me in! Thank you everyone for your continued support and help! I forgot how fun tumblr was but thanks to you that fun is back! Thank you so much giving me a warm place to come to. I had more on my mind but I totally forgot! I should start writting things down *laughs*

Now for the list. You might be thinking ‘What does it mean that my name is here?’ well theres tons of possible reasons for each person it’s different!

It’s mostly things like I like your blog! Your posts make my day, I reblog a lot from you, you reblog a lot for me, I appreciate your support for always supporting my work, I like to talk to you, you’re a friend, you’re my senpai, I look up to your work, I love your art, music, writting and etc, I see you as a fun and nice person, you deserve all of the love in the world, you inspire me, make me feel better, brighten up my day and all other mushy crap.

What does it mean if you’re not on this list? It doesn’t really mean anything. Either I don’t follow you, you don’t post enough for me to notice or simply that I forgot to mention you here oops. Or you changed your url then double oops to you.

Should you look at these people’s blogs and/or follow them?

The hell you do!! I didn’t make this list just for show! All these people are great and deserve a follow or two! Give them all of your love!

afairystail | afairytailblog | alexworkshop | aniheartneelia | anotherfairytailblogwhoops | apinkhairedpyromaniac | arbokkk | berryjewel | blamedorange | blanania | bludy-chu | bonneyq |

cherrytreetea | chinchiboo | crystallyna | dayonma | dovedapple | duekko |

effyeahnalu | elloisevonguard | estella-may | exceed-tales | fairy-mage | fairytailflame | fairytailguild17 | fairytailsnowfairy | fairytailwitch | fandomtail | fatedsong | feariteiru | feelytail | fttalk |

harada-sensei | hipster-week | hybridshadowz | iam-unbreakable | ice-jsuirya | iluvfairytail | imstilllookingafterringsuzune | inumistyyasha | ir-dr is-that-aph-iceland | isaiah-senpai isimonito |

jhayni-in-the-rain | jhgvjhgvj  | jirochan | just-absolutely-super | juviarain | karokitten-chan | karyuu-no-natsu | kawaiimelodies | kittyarts |

la-petite-ecureuil | ladygt | levysbookshelf | little-miss-boxie | lucysenpaii | lulujweston | mack4ever | mage-with-a-burning-spirit | majistarishlove | melllllly | mimi-okaasan miras-shipping-wall | momo-mikoshibaa | mrseucliffex mystsaphyr | 

n-a-d-h-i-e | nachokuma | nalufan101 | nalutbh | namface nickolascat | oaceis | personal-bentobox | phantombones | project-auricom | puppykise | r4hefk | rboz | rosahoshi-chan |

seiikas | shazams | shingeki-no-way-out | snogfairy | soulkillur | sradragneel | sshingekinofairytaill | stereolimit | strawberrydraws | superterabite | tachibanafever | teatime-plasmid | tellmeafairytail | thathilomgirl | the-salamander-natsu | the-scarlett-sky | thefairystales | thefatedmeeting | theonlycandlelight|tsunderefairy |

unisonraidd | y-a-n-d-e-r-e | yamatomatoes | yaushie | yoriru | yumesenpaii | yuuba | zelka94 | zippi44 |

Thank you once again everyone for making my dash a warm place to come to! Thank you for the laughs, for all tears and for everything that’s yet to come! 

This has been Captain Shadoo! See you all next time! AYE SIR!

Thought I’d hop on the Follow Forever train and show my appreciation for the blogs I absolutely love! Thank you for all your time, effort, and hard work! You guys are amazing!

Italics are for my all-time favorites

Bold is for friends 


0———————-0 191195deviantart 49emez


-arya abby-desu aicosu adantuunes almightyhighelf aloosh-s amysunhee artisttoolbox artutorials askfairybookworm ask-ftrust-brotp askigneel askjaviktheprothean ask-mirajane-strauss approvesport astrayeah atomiicangel awskitee 


beatonna becausewhenyoupracticeyouimprove bionite-fairy bioticbooty blackracoon25 blacksunpri blamedorange blanania bludy-chu bluefira bonneyq bobotincandyland byjuchan 


carishinlove carliwritesfics charswarrenxo charuzu2712 chengggg chsabina clymacs crunchyshrimp corrose cyarindraws 


d-eliade dawndrawn darkdashy demon-anivia denofwoe diggyfoesi do-fairys-have-tails doodleyourotp dreamsaboutthetime 


eagerladybug ellonebasir elodye-x eqqlo eternalshiva 


fairy-mage fairy-tail-cove fairytexts feariteiru ficakes ftfanfics ftpositivityproject forgottenwhispersxo fuckyeahgajevy fuckyeahvb fyeahjokeredi fucknooovirmire 


gajeelredfox gajeelsenpai ghostdesires gildarts gimesama


honeyteacake hoshigiri-art hyrulian-link


iluvfairytail inspired-destiny ironphoenixashe isamura


jellal jirochan joair 


k-la-k karokitten-chan kawaiimelodies ketolic kissedbyiron kittyarts kittyichooseyou kr0npr1nz krekerovk kristallin-f  


ladybajingoarts ladygt leonstar levysenpai lightningstrikes-art lilithkiss lolohime lordessalicia lucysenpaii lulu2222 lyre-l lyritnaraine


macalaniasprings meganlara melllllly mervley metalicana micchiyume mrsjesus mungoe


n-a-d-h-i-e nalutbh nhaneh nicole4211 nsh92 noirlilium


okerii one-with-the-bookworms 


pandapandacake pastriecake pervyna phantombones piku-chan pookelucy pornologistic ptsbrushes




r4hefk r4hefk-art raedoodles rainladyjuvia rboz rediso referensu rushisketcherart


sakimichan samiichan safyra2000 shadoouge shandisworld sharilin shy-gurl914 shadowsandsilvergears shyniisparkles skildr snogfairy strawberrykimono superterabite 


takeoverthepuppet tarantease tempasta thefluffingtonpost tofufusa 




velvetyheart vforvogusvideogameosts vaspaus 


whitedovehemlock writingissues writingwithiron 


xxdoodle-pupxx xflorchuss xxcawtnayxx 


yaushie y-a-n-d-e-r-e yoriru yoyonaki yuuba


zippi44 zombiegirl01 

(I may have missed some people because I follow a shit ton of blogs. I need to go through and clean out my list. Also because Tumblr doesn’t have an alphabetical option for the follow list - super annoying)



So I made a deal with kittyichooseyou / kittyarts that if she showed her I would show mine. 

And boy did she delivered.

^Everyone should look at it btw.

Mind you, every decent drawing I do is posted to this blog so all of these are not my proudest achievement.

Sorry this took so long,I had to find them all, scan them and moderately clean them.

Bonus: Juvia headshots in my notes

Bonus: Testing a brush setting and trying to draw on the computer

Bonus: I drew this LONG time ago. Never give up drawing kids.

A few weeks ago, I made the decision to no longer reblog Pixiv-sourced art.

Now, I understand that this is a grey-area issue, and I’m definitely not wagging my finger at the Pixiv-sourced art that does appear on my dash. I personally feel more comfortable staying out of that grey area entirely.

So, I spent some time going through my blog (and it’s… a big blog, even though I’ve only had it since February!) and removing the Pixiv-sourced art. I’m not completely done, but I’m getting close.

Now, that was all by way of giving you some context. The positive part’s coming up. :)

As I was going through my blog, I realized that we have some FANTASTIC FT fan artists right here on Tumblr who happily post up their work for us to enjoy and reblog. I consider the FT fandom on Tumblr my community, and I want to support the artists who are right here among us.

So I made a list of FT fan artists on Tumblr.

This is by no means a complete list. If you don’t see your favorite artist(s) on here, drop me a message and I’ll check them out.

My criteria for inclusion are pretty simple: The artist must have 3 or more pieces of FT fanart (yeah, it’s an arbitrary number, but it’s not that high of a bar) which should be easy to find on their blog (proper tagging really helps!).

And this has not come up at all, but I should put it out there: if ALL the artist does is NSFW or gore, they won’t make my list. Same if the art sets off my ick sensor in some way (this is not very clear, I’m afraid; it’s one of those “I’ll know it when I see it” things). I don’t expect this to be an issue (hasn’t yet!), but might as well be upfront about it.

And, without further ado, The (Still a Work in Progress) List: