Question… why do Sims YouTubers romanticize “teen mom” challenges?

Like okay I get that it’s a unique type of gameplay challenge but damn, Alpha Haired Abigail and her Heartbreaker Jock boyfriend Brayden here should not be living in an expensive lavishly decorated apartment with their cute toddler son named Kieran

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UM!! A little embarrassed to say, so anon, but you are very very pretty! You absolutely glow in all of the pictures I've seen of you, so thank you for gracing my dash with your bright smile! ;v;

I am glowing cause this Florida sun is killing me out here!

<3 Kidding, thank you darling masked person. You are the reason I am smiling, sweet gestures like these make it happen each single time! Here have my trimmed bush as consolation for my goofy face. <3

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I don't understand why people are pitting the members of BTS against each other? They are all involved in the creative processes of each album. They all work hard and support each other. Line distribution and screen time cannot be equally divided and it will be divided in whatever way suits the song/mv the best. We should trust that the boys are happy with these creative decisions and support each other. We can't change what has already been created.

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Natasi Daala and Wilhuff Tarkin chillaxing on a balcony and being smartasses.

Antagonists during their downtime and doing domestic shit are always fun to think about. 


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