the signs as x-men characters

Aries: Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat

Taurus: Logan Howlett / Wolverine

Gemini: Anna Marie / Rogue

Cancer: Dr. Hank McCoy / Beast

Leo: Professor Charles Xavier / Professor X

Virgo: Jean Grey / Phoenix

Libra: Alex Summers / Havok

Scorpio: Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler

Sagittarius: Scott Summers / Cyclops

Capricorn: Ororo Monroe / Storm

Aquarius: Piotr Rasputin / Colossus

Pisces: Bobby Drake / Iceman

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Logan had always loved cats. However, he did not love them to the point where he wanted to wake up and find cat whiskers and a nose written on his face. He stormed out of his bedroom and saw James holding the marker, laughing. "Awww don't you look adorable, Logie." Logan had an evil smile on his face. He ran voer to James and pounced on him. He pinned his arms down (and James was letting him beat him, he wanted to see where Logan was taking this) Logan began biting and nipping at James' neck


The Kitty Pryde/Piotr Rasputin saga, as told in All-New X-Men #25
br/> Kitty: I love you Peter Rasputin.
Piotr: You’re too young, Kitty Pryde. Nyet, spasibo.

Years Later.

Kitty: I love you, Peter.
Piotr: Spasibo! Wait, how old are you again?
Kitty: Eighteen.
Peter: Whew.

Years later.

Kitty: He’s dead. I shall never love again.

A year later.

Kitty: Peter! You’re alive!
Piotr: da. Spasibo.
Kitty: Oh Peter!
Piotr: Da. Spasibo.
Kitty: Well, this sucks.
Logan: Sorry, Kitty is stuck in a giant bullet flying through space.
Piotr: Spasibo.

A year later.

Kitty: I’m back.
Piotr: Da.
Kitty: Kind of missed our chance, huh?
Piotr: Da.
Kitty: Huh.

Years Later

Piotr: Kitty, I am ready to commit.
Kitty: I’m pregnant.
Piotr: Oh… Um… Is it mine?
Kitty: Is it yours? Really?
Piotr: Whose is it?
Kitty: Maybe Kurt. Might be Cable. It’s been a weird year. Uh, hello?
Piotr: Dasvidaniya.

Years Later.

Piotr: So….it wasn’t Cable.
Kitty: Kurt and I are married.

Years Later.

Piotr: Where’s your son?
Kitty: Apocalypse ate him. And Kurt. I’m single again.
Piotr: I’m hunting my sister’s killer.
Kitty: Still?

Years Later.

Kitty: I miss you, Peter.
Piotr: I am married to Titania.
Kitty: Ew.

Years Later.

Kitty: Remember that time you brought the original X-Men to the present and caused a time-space continuum anomaly that forced the entire universe to reboot?
Piotr: That wasn’t me.
Kitty: I’m old.

Years Later.

Piotr: I love you, Katya.
Kitty: I want to grow old and die with you, Peter.
Piotr: Okay.
Kitty: But I only have four days to live, so we really have to get moving on this–*coff*

Four Days Later.

Piotr: I love you, Katya.
Kitty: I may have accidentally killed your sister.

The End.

– From All-New X-Men #25 written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Maris Wicks

dasvidaniyabitches replied to your post “Nah there’s gotta be more x titles than just uncanny, extraordinary…”

ok but why not an ‘revolutionary x-men’ title with scott, emma, kitty and yana in it….minus bendis’ shit writing

I’d give my left leg for a revolutionary xmen title pls. @ god i need this.

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I love the evolution and part! Rogue as April. Kitty as Tom. Logan as Ron. I hope that right. If you who do Rogue with someone will die. I don't know who is Andy.

Only Kurt is goofy enough to be Andy…

so excited for the rogue cut wtf

From Lovers to Friends and Back Again

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by Anonymous

Logan Howlett meets Charles Xavier on one of his first real auditions, for a T.V. series about World War II. Charles gets a part; Logan does not. They also agree to go out on a date.

Somehow it takes them ten years to make it happen.

Words: 4306, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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