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In my Single Dad!AU with Frank, I have him as a cop and one of his buddies is nome other than Brock Rumlow (can't help it. I liked the guy.) What do you think that the XFam would have for their jobs? - Caitie

oh lord lord lord lord

Alex Summers
cowboy. you know why and I hate myself for suggesting this

Scott Summers
that one dorky bank teller. Probably.

Logan Howlett
lumberjack. This is canon lmao

Erik Lensherr
rights activist. is this a job idk but he would do it

Peter Maximoff
that one nerd that you know but you never know what he actually does for a job. I mean this is mainly canon lmao

John Allerdyce
personal trainer. I just feel like he would be, idk why??

Sean Cassidy
kindergarten teacher. whys he so cute.

Warren Worthington III
stripper. I hate myself

Jean Grey
high school teacher that actually likes her job. for the most part

Ororo Munroe
no nonsense pe teacher that everyone doesn’t want to get. she’s killer man

professional cheerleader. this just feels right.

Kitty Pryde
magician. ~magic~

Hank McCoy
professor. this is canon right

Charles Xavier
that professor u wanna lowkey bang. rip in peace to daddy professor xavier hair

Remy LeBeau
that one dude that you met at the bar who’s profession keeps changing every time you bring it up. who knows what he does? Not him!

Kurt Wagner
that one baker that everyone buys from because they love him so much. 10/10 would buy his cupcakes just because he’s so cute and nice.


“Gentlemen, Master Logan and  the X-Men have arrived.”

House of M # 1

Art by: Olivier Coipel, Tim Townsend, and Frank D’Armata 
Story by: Brian Michael Bendis 

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If there was to be a canon marriage between Kitty and Illyana, who would be in the wedding party for each?

Thanks so much for the question! The way we see it, the wedding parties are as follows:


  • Logan and Ororo escort her to the chuppah (In Jewish weddings, the to-be-betrothed are escorted by both parents, sometimes their own and sometimes a mixture of their own and their partner’s; given that Kitty’s biological father is deceased and she’s been estranged from her mother for quite some time, Logan and Ororo fill this role)
  • Kurt is her best man
  • Rachel is her bridesmaid


  • Piotr escorts her to the chuppah (both of Illyana’s parents are deceased and the only remaining member of her family is her brother. If circumstances were different, Erik might have been one of the people to escort her, too)
  • Sam is her best man
  • Dani is her bridesmaid


  • Bo as flower girl (the way we see it, Kitty and Illyana adopted this little cutie following Uncanny X-Men v3 33, or are at least very close to her)
  • Lockheed as the ring bearer

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wedding day Kurt?

((eehm idk what this is for so imma just throw in some headcanons)) 

  • His best man is Logan, but Kitty was the one who helped with the most planning
  • Kurt would like a catholic wedding, it depends on his S/O’s religious opinions if that happens or not  
  • He would do a little more than half of the planning for it 
  • He would be really nervous during the planning, but on the actual day he could not be happier 
  • He can not take his eyes off of his S/O the entire time 
  • Part of his wows are in German 
  • Kurt’s wedding ring is either custom sized or he wears a bracelet instead of a ring 
  • A sweet, short message is engraved into his S/O’s ring