full name: Sora Nakashima

other names: Sor, Leo, Kitty (no), Cub (no), Kitten (stop)

title: Guardian of Light

age: 17

gender: male

race: hybrid (Lion), (part-human)

sexuality: heteroromantic/asexual

origin: Destiny Islands

current location: anywhere and everywhere

nationality: Islander

spoken languages: English, Japanese (somewhat), Various animal tongues

religion: N/A

height: 5′3″

body type: Fit, scrawny

hair: Dark brown, bangs dyed russet

eyes: Blue (daylight), appears yellow/hazel in the dark (reflective/ “glowing” eyes)

tattoos: None

piercings: Both ears pierced by the lobes, only wears studs

educational background: Attends public school, currently in high school, was bullied severely in middle school

social media: somewhat on twitter bc gotta get them hot memes

smoking: yeah! Smoking hot– ok no, he doesnt smoke but–

drinking: gross

drugs: does catnip count… count-nip…. get it get it

athletics: Combat training, swordplay, field and track team (school)

hobbies: drama/acting, singing, climbing stuff, sparring, sleeping

virgin: ye

favorite drink: oddly, milk or coconut milk

favorite food: sardine pizza

favorite music: from rock to acoustic

clothing style: Loves baggy clothes for relaxation, but prefers tight clothes that don’t get in the way during adventures or fighting

stolen from tagged by: someone i forgot who

tagging: anyone who laughed or smiled while reading any of that

Imagine Tom traveling with a pet cat

First class seat purchased for the kitty, getting treats from the airline staff.  

Someone takes a really close look inside the carrier and says “Hey! What sort of cat is that, anyway?” 

A voice comes over the intercom “Mr. Hiddleston.  Mr. Thomas Hiddleston.  Please report to Mr. Jack Hanna at the courtesy desk.”

Tom scoops up the carrier and tries to make a run for it…