And once more my struggle to show appreciation for anime is stymied by my drawing skills.

ANYWAYS, I suppose this can go with my last picture of the main kitties of Nyancadamia (?). Yah. Have some Fallout-glitch and Anxious-Elf-Sasuke kitties to warm the heart.

Curse my multi-shipper heart.


Based on missinhalf super cute fanfic, Jealously. Where the kitty hates Sasuke and wants all of Sakura’s attention for himself. I can’t help but find this so cute <3<3
This is the art I promised you, Carol. Sorry it turned to be a dorky comic x’D


Hope you like it ;)

fic: black cat (iii)

title: black cat (iii)
summary: That jutsu might be having a few side effects. Or: Sasuke breaks his rule because he desperately needs a bath.
notes: this title is a little disingenuous, since Sasuke is not really a cat for most of it! But it is the same universe, and this is the black cat universe, so! I’ll post more Sasuke!kitty drabbles when I get the chance.

To say that Sasuke likes being a cat would be…overstatement, to put it politely.

He is happy for the time it gives him with his daughter; watching her grow and making her smile. He enjoys seeing his wife in the flesh, being able to speak with her face to face. To be close enough to touch her. It isn’t the touch he craves, but it is more than what they have had in a long while, and if he takes the opportunity to slip under her nightshirt while she’s lying in bed, well, who can blame him?

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