we adopted two kittens today TwT they are both two month old boys! named the lynx point Whisper and brown tabby Biscuit (Bisky).

whisper is the more subdued, quiet one…thus whisper. bisky is really talkative and playful! they get along swimmingly but have yet to actually meet stamps lol. stamps takes ~a week to get used to a new cat(s) so rn he is throwing a hissy fit and giving me the cold shoulder…he’ll come around he is such a diva.

Its it stupid to keep fighting this stuff so vehemently? Should I just roll over and accept a big portion of the world will always see me and pictures of me as pornography, as a fetish, as a ‘sissy’. Cos honestly, as much putrid bile as it brings up in my throat to be treated like that the entire fucking time, I don’t know how much more energy I have to carry on fighting anything. Its like trying to wash a working cesspool. 

Hey Guys!

I’m going to be at Ottawa Comiccon on May 8-10th as an Artist in the AA with the fabulous Kittyalyst! Our table number is #2208 - the first table of the section! Come and check out our prints, stickers, buttons, key-chains and more! I’m excited to see all your familiar faces.

I will also be offering onsite and offsite commissions.

Onsite commissions will consist of many options, and the special will be Fancy Doily Inked anime style headshots for $7.00!

If you would like a traditional commission that you can pick up at the convention, please contact me. I’d like to also remind you that if you plan on ordering art of your OCs, you should always bring a full coloured reference for the artist you choose!

Thanks again! I hope to see you all there c:

Anna | Lolisoup