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How do you use the RAM editor? Is it an app or a physical addon like action replay?

hope you don’t mind if I answer this publicly, as I’ve gotten a few questions about this already haha. the RAM editor is an online application found here. you have to extract your save file from your game (explained on the site), and the RAM editor edits that file. you can spawn items, move buildings/ pwp’s, change a villager with a new one, etc. if you see screenshots of towns with bamboo and pwp’s in rivers or on the beach (or anywhere the game doesn’t allow them to be), someone has used the RAM editor to do that. descrossing‘s RAM editor guide provides more thorough information! :) xo

edit: as it says on the RAM editor’s site, your 3ds/ xl/ 2ds must be at 9.x up to 9.5.0-22 (9.5.0-23 or higher are not supported).



greywarden-tabris came baring gifts of stones, andrastes-burning-britches brought a WONDERFUL fabric book she made for Wiley that I will take pic of once I empty my camera, and manufacturednaturalist has been AMAZING with the boys (because of the gems braided into his hair my son thinks he is a magical pirate and has decided to stick to him like glue.)

By this time next week…I’ll be in Texas!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey just a heads up to everyone going for ToO Exotic Emblem: it is GLITCHED. If you open the chest on Mercury with a full Emblem inventory you will not receive the emblem, it will not go to your Postmaster. Bungie has stated that they will NOT remedy this glitch on their forums.

Thanks for the heads up!

trashy tumblr awards results

as promised:

best url: got2gogh & patrokhlus 
best theme: sapphc & stelladust 
best posts: svrinx & kittysong
best fandom: thrandiul
best overall: zimmers


best nerd: ligtwood
best hoe: kurtcobai
best Scot: ughneville


  1. a follow, if not already
  2. lol nothing
  3. bragging rights????
  4. the honor of winning???
  5. beating the others must be some kind of fuel for you ego?
  7. so congratzzzzz *peace*
Troys Trashy 200 Follower Follow Forever

oh my god 200, im so happy thanks guys, thank you all of you <3 i never would of thought of getting to 200.

this is in no order im doing off the top of my head uGH
(ive never done one of these before ew help me)

although there is no order the first people are my meme mother and meme father and my small child/love of my meme life.

spaceprincehowelltrashgalaxies, and skeletonwoof

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im sorry to anyoa close mutual and ive missed i really hope i didnt.

but for everyone i tagged i love you guys so much and wouldnt dream of unfollowing yous <3 c:


[S] Ravestuck: Roxy ~ Concrete Angel
I finished up Roxy for CTCON and decided to dance around a bit. Not too much footwork because it was around 11 at night and folks were sleeping. Basically just fucking around.


When your pattern pieces get left out and are now toys.

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