My school created a God.

I am a student at an art university.

There is an infamous building on our campus, called “Montgomery House” or more commonly, “Monty.” Monty is the building for animation, game design, special effects, sound design, and basically everything that requires highly powerful, highly specialized computers and software. The building is infamous for a couple of reasons. It’s located pretty far away from any other building, for one. The building itself used to be a coffin factory, no joke.  Another is the building has no windows. None. There are also no clocks anywhere. Once you enter Monty, you are completely separated from the flow of time and the light of day.  Probably the reason Monty is most known though is because students in the “monty majors” have to spend a lot of time there. A lot. It is not uncommon for somebody to spend more than a few days exclusively within the sunless, dark walls of Monty. If you go to the building, it is not surprising to see students sleeping on the floor, on the few chairs available, on the computers. Some bring sleeping bags and rations. Some just forgo sleep, buy espresso shots and work. The entire building just smells of coffee and sweat. It really seems like an exageration, but its not hyperbole. 

Why I bring this up is because of something that’s started recenetly. Inside the building, the school has hung up artwork on the walls from other majors as is typical on campus. One of the artworks was a self-portrait painting of a man with long, scraggly brown hair and a full beard looking pensively off into the distance. The painting became known as “Monty Jesus.”

Students, in their desperation for their files to render, or the computers to work, began to offer prayers to Monty Jesus. Soon, they began writing their prayers and taping them next to the painting. The wall is now covered, completly plastered, in prayers to Monty Jesus for things like “Fix the wifi” and “let me live through finals” and more simply “help me.” Candles have been added. Literal candles are placed around Monty Jesus in hopes he will help them.

This is how religions are born. Monty Jesus is considered a “joke”, but people at Monty still hold…. quite a lot of superstitious faith in the concept. There is even talk of a “Monty Satan” that creates software failures. It might be in jest, but these students really are hoping for some force to help them. And they’ve given it a name, an image, and respect.  Monty Jesus is real, and I’m sure of it. The desperate students have created their own spirit and their own form of worship, out of need.

Religion, spirituality, didn’t stop being relevant. It didn’t stop being something people need and want, and have the desire to create. It’s still happening, and it always will as long as their are people.  The spirit of creation, new deities and new worship, is alive and well today and should not be ignored simply because it is “new” or “a joke.”

kittycatsnapback asked:

Transboy Firestar who Bluestar fiercely protects against other clan's transphobia. Transboy Firestar who struggles a lot after Bluestar's death because she cant help him anymore. Transboy Firestar learning to defend himself and proving himself to +

+ be a great leader despite what others say. Transboy Firestar who deals with other cats saying hes not manly enough/too weak and feminine with all his symathy for other cats and taking kitty pets/rouges in because he isn’t afraid to act +

+ sensitive or even feminine. Transboy Firestar beating all the odds despite every transphobic criticism thrown at him. And, of course, Transboy Firestar feeling his happiest when his kits run up to him yelling “Dad! Dad!”


this is actually really cute omfg. trans boy firestar learning to defend himself (or any trans) is the best kind of hc tbqh

trans boy firestar having graystripe and ravenpaw defending him right off the bat along with sandstorm eventually is what makes it count B)


anonymous asked:

Do you think you could make a tutorial on how to make your own magic circle?

“If you ask Grunkle Stan, He’d go…‘Just sacrifice something and make sure there’s lots of blood, whatever works’ and Dippy will go on and on about 'exact measurements’ and get his ruler or something. I say, slap on whatever works like stickers and sparkles and candles and flowers…oh and the most important thing! You have to believe it will work, and it will! A little faith goes a long way!!! Oh, and one more teensy weensy thing… remember the Law of Equivalent Exchange. Now have FUN with that circle!


It was easier to make this into one long post!

(Unfortunately, I don’t have many songs on my phone due to the stupid low storage alerts. And there are others that I need to delete.)

Alright, let’s do this!


Radio Gaga by Queen! (Mostly because I was listening to it earlier!)


Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen!


It’s Time by Imagine Dragons!


Some Nights by Fun!


Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen!

(This song works so well for the Marauders!)


Soliloquy (Javert’s Suicide) from Les Miserables!

(Eesh, how did this get back on my playlist!? I’m deleting this. Not exactly the most pesimmistic song!)


Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys!

(This was on there from my dad! It’s a cool song though!)

Anonymous 1:

We Are The Champions By Queen!

(I really like Queen okay!?)

(This song also really fits for the Marauders!)


I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz


Another One Bites The Dust by Queen!


To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra!

Anonymous 2:

Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia!


Second Chance by Shinedown!

(This song reminds me so much of Sirius; especially when he runs away!)


Be Prepared from The Lion King!

Anonymous 3:

Hallujah by The Canadian Tenors!

(Still the greatest cover that I’ve ever heard!)


I was tagged by kittywarface for the 20 beautiful people challenge (thanks a lot <3). Do I have anything to say to these pictures? Nah, probably not. 


You need to post two selfies of your beautiful faces and then tag 20 followers/followings/mutuals


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have fun, kids! :)

Potential covers (?):
A. State of grace (t swift) (they’ll all be acoustic….but the way she does it acoustically omfg)
B. Hallelujah (p!atd, feat. My friend clio)
C. Hurricane (Halsey)
D. What you know (two door cinema club)
E. Some 5sos song but I can’t pick which rn I’m leaning towards if you don’t know


Coming together a bit more yayy

I added in some frames in between, the only part I haven’t smoothed out yet is between the last two frames. When I do that I’m going to go on to lining :3 

Hoping to have the lining finished by today, and to start on the coloring. I don’t know if that’s very realistic though.

I’m really lonely though, guys. If I start a, will anyone come?


Outfit Of The Day: Parra - gliding

This outfit is my way of mixing urban streetwear and cute womens fashion in a laid back way. The colour choices are very unisex but the cut of my skirt is very girly with smart pleats and a modern houndstooth / check print. I mixed this with a Rockwell by Parra jumper to keep it smart but comfy and still feel edgy becuase of the brand. A Hello Kitty bucket hat, mixing the urban shape with a very girly print. Jordan’s becuase they are dope and keep me feeling street. And a classic leather jacket to bring it all together. Having my legs out with this outfit keeps the girly vibe and helps balance and otherwise uber tomboy look; which is also fine of-course. Just depends how you feel.

Jacket - Urban Outfitters

Hat - LeiMai

Jumper - Rockwell by Parra

Skirt - Pepe Jeans

Trainers - Jordan 6 Retro by Nike

Socks - Everlast