kitty with a watermelon


❤  12/11/17   ❤

I have discovered the existence of beautiful watermelon cats while in school and managed to doodle one of them.

//coughs inserted here// I may or may not was paying attention to class while searching on Google, ‘weird cute cats’

p.s : I’m sorry for not colouring many of my doodles so far for digital, I may or may not draw too many doodles and I liked many of them so I wanted to complete all line works for those doodles digitally!! Σ(TωT) 


Selling packs of 15 handmade stickers for 1.50 dollars (shipping extra, to .50 to 2)

Then can be random or you can say “I want 15 stickers of only watermelons & ice creams” etc
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READ NOW: Kitty Pryde and the totally normal, absolutely non-mutant summer camp.

Week One is finally up! Five more weeks to go. Inspired by the ever lovely @pencilscratchins‘ Camp AU. Pairings: Illyana / Kitty, Remy / Kurt.

My AO3 is blissey! Please leave kudos if you enjoyed.

Dishing out watermelon slices, Kitty breathed in the New York air - it was calm up here, fresh and serene all year round. In the year since last year’s camp escapades, Jubilation had shaved her head into a cute pixie cut, Bobby had mastered ice-sculpting, and Kurt had moved out with Rogue.

“The doors to our home are always open,” Kurt told Bobby, grabbing a watermelon quarter from Kitty’s platter. “I’m very serious. If anything ever happens, either about the mutant thing or -”

“‘The gay thing, call us and we’ll come get you.’” Bobby rolled his eyes, “yeah, I get it, mom.”

Jubes ran a hand through her hair, still babbling about the cut - “I’m serious you guys, it’s all the rage in LA, but I don’t know if it suits my face? I look like a toddler. A boy toddler.”

Kurt turned to face her, “I didn’t know boy toddlers wore sparkly pink lip-gloss.”

She sighed, draping her hand over her brow as if she was a heroine in a 1940’s crime flick. “How you wound me, elf.”

He spat a seed at her, prompting Jubes to yowl and swat at her face. “You’re disgusting!”

“You’re a glorified mallrat,” Kitty pointed out, “and you live in LA. You must get disgusted every time you leave the apartment, if a watermelon seed is too much to handle.”

“Yeah, and Bobby here is from Boise, Idaho, or whatever” (“I’m from Long Island,” Bobby said.) “and he still turned out disgustingly gay. Like, twink central. As in, I’m submitting him to Drag Race next cycle.”

Kitty spat out her water, howling. “Don’t do that. He’ll try to poach your makeup for drag.”

“I am a good, all-American teenager, I’ll have you know.” He then froze Jubilation’s water as she was drinking from it.

Kurt’s tail flicked him in the back of the head, and Bobby fell off the bench with a jolt. “My talents are wasted here,” he whinged.

“They are most certainly not wasted,” announced Kitty, “as I have a grand plan for this year.”

Even Jubes shut up and raised an eyebrow at Kitty, “do tell.”

“This is going to be the year we break Scott for good.”

Kurt sighed, “good lord.”

Bobby gasped, fanning his face, “taking the lord’s name in vain? Kurt, I didn’t think you had it in you!”

“Think about it, guys,” Kitty persisted, “this is our last year as campers and Scott’s first as counselor. We finally have power over him.”

Jubes spoke up, “I’m pretty sure it’s exactly the opposite.”

“And you would be wrong, young padawan.” (Jubes rolled her eyes, “you’re a dweeb.”) “As campers, he would tattle on us every time we pranked him. Who is he going to tattle to now - himself?” Kitty nodded, in agreement with herself. “It is my personal mission to break his cheerful camp-loving facade for good. I know there’s an angsty, pimply teenager in there somewhere.”

“Actually,” Bobby said, “you’re thinking of Warren.” Jubes snickered.

“It’s cleared up since I told him Dial bar soap was making it worse. Warren uses The Body Shop now.” Kitty continued, “skincare aside, we can mess with him at levels never before seen. I heard from a little birdy named Jean that he’s bitter she got promoted to Senior Counselor when he’s older than her, so we already have a fracture to exploit.”

“Isn’t this a little cruel?” Asked Kurt, tossing his watermelon rind to the forest.

“Come on,” Kitty insisted, “the worst we’ll be doing is like - doing the feather and shaving cream thing. I don’t know. All I know is that we have a way in, and we’re going to break him.”

Jubes whistled, “you’re cruel, Pryde. I love it.”

Kitty finished off her watermelon, chucking it into the pile the quartet had slowly been making. “Let’s get changed and drive up there.”

Kurt sighed, “I still can’t believe you actually passed your driving test.”



Some fun 4th of July nails I did over the holiday weekend! Hope everyone had a fun & safe one!

So my friend and I were talking about perfumes and suddenly she goes with the most random AND the most true statement ever. So basically Jensen is the guy who’d use like Armani, Hugo Boss and Dolce Gabbana. Jared I feel like he would be the Klein kinda guy. And then there is Misha, who totally wears all the Hello Kitty and Christina Aguilera scents. Also, that’s where the cinnamon & watermelon scent comes from 😂