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My Thoughts Watching American God’s “A Prayer For Mad Sweeney”

-*Sings theme song like it’s the damn Dr. Who theme* “Wooo weee wooooooo!”

-Dead dude on a table. Well, this is starting out on a high note.

-Ew. Dead dude, I dub thee “Jawbreaker”.

-I’m getting invested in Jawbreaker. What’s his story? How did he die? Is Willy Wonka to blame?

-I love that the one undertaker is like, “It’s quitting time, fuck this shit” and the other is like, “Fuck you, Carl, this artwork is my life. I will paint life back into Jawbreaker.”

-“Once Upon a Time in a land of beer and corned beef…”

-Who is this tiny human? Red hair, pale complexion, hand-me-down clothes. Must be a Weasley.

-That rich-bitch boy is going to screw Essie over.

-Called it.

-Aw, look at my precious smol bean Salim smiling as he drives along with Deadwife and Ginger Minge.

-Deadwife needs a shower…like yesterday.

-Don’t you be giving my baby Salim shit, Ginger Minge. He is precious and if you hurt him I will fight you.

-“Fuck off. I will eat you!” You might not want to eat crow, Sweeney. Hmmm, note to self: Will Ginger Minge be eating crow later?

-Awww, Deadwife is releasing the hostage. Maybe she isn’t Satan’s bride after all.

-“You are an unpleasant creature!” Salim is me to my reflection on Monday mornings.

-Sweeney destroys a table bench and all I can do is yell, “That is mahogany!!” Hunger Games has ruined me.

-Grand Theft Auto: Ice Cold Addition.

-Oh, so we’re back in the past again. Why the fuck is she leaving milk out for leprechauns? Do you want ants, Essie? Cuz that’s how you get ants.

-Essie looks like Laura. Damn, all these white girls look the same to me.

-Kitty! Wait, TWO KITTIES!!

-Did he just say something about King George? *in my best Hamilton voice* “I know him! That can’t be!! That’s that little king who sang to me, all those years ago!!!”

-“What the fuck is happy?” “Fucked if I know.” I feel this on a spiritual level.

-I just realized that Mad Sweeney is the equivalent of a cat. He’s adorable, but he will fuck you up with his razor sharp claws and the more you kiss him on the head the more he wants to kill you.

-Anyone who goes on a roadtrip with Laura is just fucked.

-I mean seriously, look at that ice cream truck flipping. All that’s missing is a dick in her mouth.

-So much wasted ice cream.

-Goddamn, Laura, calm your tits. Literally.

-I ain’t even mad that Ginger Minge was there when Laura died. She a ho.

-Aw, he loved Essie.

-He saved that ho and she punched him? That’s literally their entire relationship summed up.

-That wicked little leprechaun grin melts my heart.

-To be continued…


So it was brought to my attention recently via pm (i won’t tag ya in case ya don’t wanna be named ;3) that Duchess and Kitty is a ship that should exist and I 100% agree like yes, have these stupid quick doodles in various mediums because nothing can stop me from procrastinating the last few femslash feb prompts until mid-march. time isn’t real my dudes. all we have is lesbians in this life. its all we can trust.

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I must say, when you use the gif of Molly Weasley hugging Harry, it reminds me of That 70's Show and the episode where Red Foreman more or less adopts his son, Eric's, friend Steven Hyde when his mother abandons him, and I wonder sometimes if you'd do that with one of your Tumblr kids... Then I realize you're more like his wife, Kitty, just calmly going "These are my seven kids, six are in the same grade" (But still very much Molly. So... Molly-Kitty fusion?)

I’m laughing so hard cause the other day someone compared ETD to Arthur Weasley dealing with one more child at the table.

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But if you know him, he’s got a good solid streak of Red in him too.

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And, yea, I can see where you get Kitty Foreman vibes from for me too.

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when people rip off lynz way my life span decreases by 10 years

The weather is so nice today and I’m so happy and my wife has finally had days off (she’s been working 6 day weeks so we finally had a few days together) and the windows are open and I’m so happy to be in a snuggle puddle with the wife and kitties rn.

  • Sun: I am telling you Yang. Blake's dad is terrifying. The Man can kill you by squeezing your head with one hand. One hand!
  • Yang: Sun. Please. I got this. *She insured her friend patting his back and holding her cybernetic arm up.* After all, I'm willing to lose an army for Blake. I'll do the same with my life to be with her for the rest of it.
  • Sun: Fine but don't say I didn't warn you.
  • ~Later~
  • Ghira: So Miss Xiao-Long, You wish to date my daughter.
  • Yang: Please, call me Yang. And yep. Though really I already am dating her. I just know Blake would feel better if you and Mrs. Belladonna approved.
  • Ghira: *raising an eyebrow* And what exactly makes you think I will approve of you dating my little girl? Because you lost an arm for her?
  • Yang: Nope. My arm I lost to protect her. *waving her metal hand* I know you will approve of me and Blake being together because I promise I will always be there for her, keep her happy no matter what, Protect her, care for her, and make such she knows that she is 'purrect' in every way.
  • Ghira: ... Did you just make a cat pun?
  • Yang: That I did. It's kinda how I flirt with my kitty cat.
  • Ghira: *eye twitching* Your... Kitty cat?
  • Yang: Hehe, yeah. Blake loves it surprisingly. I thought she may be Furryous about. Though I love it way she is feisty.
  • Ghira: *slams her hands on the table* AND WHAT EXACTLY DOES THAT MEAN!?
  • Yang: *smiles* Oh you know. Determined, strong willed, willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Plus, She is REALLY good with a ribbon and rope. *Ghira gritted his teeth as he was about to growl out a threat when Yang Spoke again* Not to mention strong. Did she ever tell you about the time she swung me into a mech that I punched into pieces? Or our first round in the Vinyl tournament? Man, She is pretty amazing. Haha, but after seeing you I see where she gets it from.
  • Ghira: *Ghira blinked as his anger disappeared* Oh... Oh Why yes. My little girl does take after me quite a bit. Of course her mother as well.
  • Yang: Oh I've noticed. Blake and your wife's kitty ears are sooooo cute and soft to the touch.
  • Ghira: I know right! HAHAHA! Kali will never admit this but she loves it when I scratch her ears when we snuggle.
  • Yang: Oh my god Blake too! When we are cuddling as we watch a movie or when reading she always loves it when I scratch her ears.
  • *After that Ghira and Yang began to talk happy about their adorable loves*
  • Ghira: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh I like you Miss, I mean Yang.
  • ~Meanwhile, outside the room~
  • Sun: *Eavesdropping as his jaw drops and whispers* ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?
  • Kali: Well to be fine. She and Blake are already dating. *whispered from behind him* I just wish they could have bonded over something else. *shaking her with embarrassment*
  • Blake: WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!? *Blake shouted causing her mom and Sun to jump.*
  • Yang: Oh this is bad! This is really really bad! *Yang panicked as she pasted around the room in her wedding dress.*
  • Ruby: Yang. Calm down. It's just an old saying.
  • Yang: Ruby. My sweet baby sister when you get married to the woman of your dreams you'll understand that the wedding must be perfect. *Yang told her maid of honor holding out her mechanical arm to place on her shoulder.*
  • Qrow: Jeez Firecracker. You keep all this worrying about impressing you kitty wife to be you'll lose you-
  • Yang: NOW IS NOT THE TIME! *Yang shouted as her semblance bursted out.*
  • Tai: Whoa! Easy there honey! It's going to be alright.
  • Yang: HOW IS EVERYTHING GOING TO BE ALREADY! I need something old, something new, something borrows, and something- *Just before Yang could finish, the door opened to allow a blue arm to slip through and knock on the door.*
  • Kai: Hey. Sorry to interrupt but you got like fifteen minutes. *Kai Informed the Xiao-long rose family when Yang stared straight at his arm.* ... Why she looking at me like that?
  • Yang: ... Something Blue. *Yang muttered.* Said Kai. You can make something new out of something old and let me borrow it right? *Yang Smiled innocently at Kai, glancing between him and his arm.*
  • Kai: *Kai Stares at Yang and then looked down at his arm.* ... Seriously?
  • Yang: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.~<3
  • Kai: ... *Kai Sighed as he removed his tux coat, rolling up his sleeve while drawing his sword.* Siiiigh. Hand over your arm so I don't have to guess that sizes.
  • ~~~
  • Blake: This is amazing Yang. It's like a dream come true. *Blake smiled as she danced with her wife
  • Yang: You have no idea how happy I am to hear that, Blake my love. *Yang smiled as she leaned down and kissed Blake how kissed back.*
  • Blake: *Once that pulled away from each other Blake glanced at Yang new dark blue and gold bio-mechanical arm.* And I have to admit. Your new arm to beautiful, Mrs Belladonna
  • Yang: Why thank you Mrs Xiao-Long. Kai made it for me just for today. *Yang smirked as she brushed some of Blake's hair from her face with her new arm. The Newly weds Loook over to the table where Kai sat, raising a glass to them with his new more elemental clawed monstrous arm.* Though, I don't know if he'll want it back after out honeymoon.
  • Blake: Hehe, He did mention to me that Yang had our wedding present. *Blake Laughed as she kissed Yang.* I love you Yang Xiao-long Belladonna.
  • Yang: I love you too, Blake Belladonna Xiao-Long.