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So it was brought to my attention recently via pm (i won’t tag ya in case ya don’t wanna be named ;3) that Duchess and Kitty is a ship that should exist and I 100% agree like yes, have these stupid quick doodles in various mediums because nothing can stop me from procrastinating the last few femslash feb prompts until mid-march. time isn’t real my dudes. all we have is lesbians in this life. its all we can trust.

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I must say, when you use the gif of Molly Weasley hugging Harry, it reminds me of That 70's Show and the episode where Red Foreman more or less adopts his son, Eric's, friend Steven Hyde when his mother abandons him, and I wonder sometimes if you'd do that with one of your Tumblr kids... Then I realize you're more like his wife, Kitty, just calmly going "These are my seven kids, six are in the same grade" (But still very much Molly. So... Molly-Kitty fusion?)

I’m laughing so hard cause the other day someone compared ETD to Arthur Weasley dealing with one more child at the table.

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But if you know him, he’s got a good solid streak of Red in him too.

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And, yea, I can see where you get Kitty Foreman vibes from for me too.

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