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Thanks for the +1700 followers guys <3 I have the sketch done since the last stream, but I just started with classes already, so the lineart and colours are going to be a little slow, but hey! here goes the first part. 

Fellwolves by @sanspar / bunny!blue & fox!papy idea by @keksbela

Part 1 / 5

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Teacher: we're going to do an activity were you have to say the "secret" of the person standing to your right. (You had to make up a secret, not tell a real one) Me, internally: oh you didn't think this through. Dudebro: "[guy] is secretly a girl!" Class: *dies laughing* Girl1: "[girl2] has a crush on [girl3]!" Class: Awwwww! I saw it coming a mile away.

Straight Talk: the issues facing the LGBT+ community don’t effect me personally so i’m allowed to use them as a fucking joke. : )

Episode Thoughts

Frankly, not much on my part.. (also, it’s hard to understand ones writing when you have a kitty cat on your lap)

- Um, so when is Tink suppose to be in Neverland, timeline wise?

- Regina ‘loves’ the townfolks like I ‘love’ this show.

- Henry figures this is probably better than the flying monkey stepdad.

- Are they gonna have sex in the grave?

- How the hell did the magic scissors get there? Rumple, stop burying stuff! First your dagger, now these?

‘Hello, season 6a guest star, who’s DEFINITELY been in Storybrooke this whole time.’

- And Once Upon a Bondage returns!

- Gold rope…enchanted rope….Take note, smut writers.

- How the hell did she know what he looked like? He died when her father was young.

- Yes, Emma is upset that her fiance is burning his memories. Not that he’s responsible for the death of her grandfather…. Makes sense in Insaneville…er…Storybrooke.

- Are the hearts breeding?

- Are the two Reginas gonna make out?

- Okay, they just hug.

- But they definitely had sex during commercial break. Now, they’re cleaning things up.

- For god’s sake, LEARN TO LOCK YOUR DAMN SHOP, RUMPLE! Then maybe people wouldn’t be stealing your shit every other episode. This is also why you can’t sell anything, because they just help themselves to whatever they want!

- Um, Zelena, weren’t you conspiring with the Evil Queen a few episodes back? 

- And again, who’s watching your kid? Did she go back to her crib at the Nun-Hut or is Granny babysitting both her & Neal tonight instead of being at her own restaurant that the hero-squad now uses as their hangout.

- Thus ends another long plot that could have been avoided if people would just listen to Rumple once in awhile.

- The Evil Queen & Robin’s date goes fine until AU-Rumple crashes their date and hauls their asses back to the dungeons.

- Ah, and there’s my favorite Fuck-Up. :) Gideon!

- And somewhere, Belle resumes her 8th straight day of searching for her son in the woods, stopping only to change outfits.

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just wondering your opinion do you think my step mom disliking showing pda with her wife/seeing me do anything affectionate with my boyfriend is internalized homophobia?

I would say no, especially since she doesn’t seem to be a fan when you show PDAs with your boyfriend? Not everyone is comfortable with PDA, regardless of their gender, sexuality, or partner.


I’m sorry I’ve not been posting much lately.

I’m having a really hard time with anxiety and have entered an outpatient program to help manage my symptoms. So I’ll be putting most of my effort into trying to get well. Of course, if I come across something worth posting, I will. Because Hello Kitty is good for what ails you.

Be well.

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