kitty tentacles


Last day of Comic Con. I spent the day buying a couple last minute items I had been wanting to get the other days but hadn’t decided on. This included a pair of soft ears, an adorable tentacle kitty named Mochi, a picture of my favorite Ghost Lewis :D, and tons of other cute and awesome stuff. The rest of the day consisted mostly of taking pictures. I was so happy with my cosplay, I thought I should model it for you guys a little better. :3 I didn’t think any editing would be necessary on acount that Barbara Gordon is an excellent photographer. ;) It felt amazing to dress up as my favorite Vocaloid for three days of overwhelming fun. I’m a little sad it is over, but I have a lot to remember it by. I never expected my first hand-made cosplay to go so well! If you’re curious, the shoes and stockings and tie were bought, I borrowed my friend’s headset, the vest was made from an old button up shirt I adjusted to my shape and added edges to, and the sleeves, hair pieces, skirt and belt were ask made from scratch. It’s a very satisfying feeling too be able to enjoy the end result of all of your work. And now I can’t wait for next year and the new characters I will be able try! So much to look forward to!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to include you lovely people as always. (*^▽^*)