kitty soames

This is definitely retcon Dark Shadows and a lovely image of them surrounded by red roses. Hence I like to dub it “Rosy Retcon”. I remember Osheen saying, “It is very romantic minus how downcast our lady is.” and I responded, “And the fact our gentleman is caught in mid-word.”

Otherwise? Very touching! 

And no, I have no idea who created this image. (I do try and give credit where credit is due! But even with these, not so many peeps speak up! I believe they think a like-click will say it for them when I ask, but they neglect to understand a ton of people are like-clicking the inquiry because they love the photo!)


Watching the tail end of 1897, Barnabas and Quentin are discussing Beth’s death (she fell off Widow’s Hill, which if you haven’t seen the series is a huge cliff overlooking the sea. It’s a long story.) Anyway,  Barnabas tells Quentin he must forget about Beth, he can’t change what has already happened, etc. etc.  Meanwhile…. he’s making time with the reincarnation of his old girlfriend who JUMPED off Widow’s Hill.

Barnabas’ whole schtick is his pining for Josette and trying to make other women become her, literally. But he has the audacity to tell other people to forget?!