kitty shine



thank you for gracing us with your incredible dance ability, your powerful rap, and your radiant smile. you inspire me to follow my dreams and make me happy when i feel like crying. you truly are my hope. (credit: 1, 2, 3, 4)


officially done with classes  🍃 🍃



A special thanks to fuckyeahkatnep for introducing me to this cute yet saddening game. It was a such a short game and so interesting in how you actually had “one shot” at it or our little cat friend was… “murdered.”

Ahem! In any case, here’s some screens from the came and our protag, Niko! I have no idea what gender our little neko is but in any sense, I WANNA COSPLAY THEM. The person who inspired me to play is also cosplaying them so that makes me the happiest! @w@ but today I’ve been working on a voice for them, kinda a boy voice for my case and I’m trying to make it similar to a little cat friend I’ve voiced before! In any sense, one day I will cosplay this cute cat! You’ll see, thank you maker of Oneshot! Play it, everyone! :D

Make Me

I barely write for SHINee…people never request them :’(

But here’s some Jonghyun:3

-Admin Kitty

Lately, you hadn’t got much sleep because your boyfriend, Jonghyun, had had a bit of insomnia. With the new comeback, everything seemed to be getting on top of him and it was making him have trouble sleeping again. Which was why, at eight o clock in the evening, you were turning the key as slowly and as quietly as possible in the lock of your shared apartment so as not to wake your sleeping boyfriend. When you had opened the door, you crept through the house, slipping your shoes off silently as you went. You headed to the bathroom and washed up to get changed for bed as quietly as you could, trying to avoid waking him up. As you finished drying your face, you heard Jonghyun’s voice call out, “Jagiya?”

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