kitty rae

Levi and Cat aesthetic

Levi and the cat languid and sinuous while laid out on furniture

Levi making as little eye contact with the cat as the cat makes with him

as soon as Levi sits the cat is in his lap (which never surprises him, he’s always expectant and the cat never fails to appear as if from nowhere)

the cat kneading Levi’s bare chest with it’s claws and Levi never flinches because he knows they’ll never break skin

absent mindedly petting the cat behind the ears as he remains intently focused on your conversation (as though the cat isn’t really there, you have his entire attention)

the cat seemingly an extension of Levi’s being

sometimes, almost, just barely, catching Levi moving away from odd places he’d followed the cat to curl up and nap (the linen closet, a pile of laundry fresh put of the dryer, underneath the quilt but on the carpet)

just… Levi and his Cat

KILLIN IT - 15 songs by lovely ladies to soundtrack your lazy times in your underwear. eating chocolate is optional, but recommended.

TRACKLIST:  walk this way_mø  // reverse skydiving (feat. anabel englund)_hot natured // killing it_cher lloyd // radio_lana del rey // i blame myself_sky ferreira // in the stars_icona pop // crazy beautiful life_ke$ha // Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. erykah badu)_janelle monae // gimme scabies!!!!!!!!_kitty pryde // lost in my bedroom_sky ferreira // heavy metal lover_lady gaga // turn me up_carly rae jepsen // don’t save me (cyril hahn remix)_haim // just desserts (feat. charli xcx)_marina and the diamonds // marionettes (gg rmx)_cara salimando 

 a symphony of the world gone wild

MMFD/While You Were Sleeping crossover fic Part 2

A/N: Hi here’s part two of mmfd/while you were sleeping, I think this is the part you all have been waiting for, Finn is in it haha. To let you know Chloe will be in the last part and I made changes form the movie to allow her more time. So have to note I’m sad no one mentioned the name of the Italian restaurant Rae mentions in the first part figured some one would have caught that. Anyway moving on hoping you like this part feedback is always appreciated. Word count is 6854.

Tagging some lovely emus that have asked to be tagged. Please let me know if you want on or off (you won’t hurt my feelings) my forever tag list or if you want me to tag you for one particular story

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