kitty rae

20 Questions: 

  @plumboops tagged me! Thanks so much sweetheart! Yay! Lets do the thing!

Name: Rachael
Nicknames: Kitty, Rae, KeenPea
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Height: 5′2″
Orientation: Pansexual
Ethnicity: Cacuasian
Favorite fruit: Oranges
Favorite season: Late Spring
Favorite book series: Harry Potter
Favorite flower: Sunflowers
Favorite scent: It’s a tie between Gasoline and Skunk :|
Favorite color: It depends.
Favorite animal: Owls.
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea.
Average sleep hours: It can be anywhere from 3, to 10.
Cat or dog person?: Cats
Favorite fictional characters: Again, Harry Potter characters. Probably.
Number of blankets you sleep with: 2
Dream trip: Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Blog created: 2012
Number of followers: 5,196 beautiful souls follow my blog.

I am tagging 10 random blogs: @simloops @noodlesims @simflix @tamo-sim @yuriyurie-sims @avoxsimmer @riseofthecowplants @ddeathflower @pickypikachu @glitchysims

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New Themes

Hello witches! After a short organizational hiatus, the Blogger Witch Coven is back with more, exciting themes. We are so grateful for your participation and hope to see more. Make sure you go over our rules for submission to be included, and check out our themes below!

~ Black and White~
Submit two pictures for this one! One of a completely white outfit, and one of a completely black outfit that exemplifies your style of Strega!
Deadline: October 10th, 2015

**** Mini- Challenge**** Halloween Themed Makeup- we want to see your best spooky makeup or best Strega themed look. Send in a close up on your makeup to us here to be included Deadline: October 21st

Calling all the witches! Let’s celebrate Samhain in style. Submit a front and back view of your Halloween costume (or any special Halloween attire). The spookier the better.
Deadline: October 31st

~Post-Apocalyptic Strega~
Show us how you would survive the during the apocalypse.
Deadline: November 7th

~Favourite Book Character~
What if your favourite character was a Strega Fashion enthusiast? Bring them to life off the page in all their witchy glory.
Deadline: November 21st

****Mini Challenge**** Work in Progress: Working on something amazing and want to show it off? Send us a picture to be featured in this mini challenge Deadline: November 30th

~DIY piece~
Like to create? Show us an outfit that is at least 50% DIY-ed to be featured in this theme and show off your personal style.
Deadline: December 5th

~Colourful Strega~
In the grey of winter or height of summer, let’s break away from black and show us your colourful side!
Deadline: December 19th

Make sure to review the guidelines again and start working on those submissions!