kitty pendant

hey guys um quick question

my cat’s gotten sick and he requires a month-long therapy and a special vet diet food and more bloodwork done on a regular basis. the vet told me he should be kept on the diet food for at least a month but she also said to be ready for it to take a lot longer. it’s some sort of liver inflammation/dysfunction, and treating it is a very slow process.

between all the vet expenses and my own antidepressants and therapy bills (the state free-of-charge therapy centre got shut down so now I remain with my therapist but have to pay full price) AND being a broke-ass artist on top of all that I find that I’m struggling yet again.

so. would any of you be interested in buying and/or signal boosting for me if I come up with a cheap sort of kitty ceramic pendant to help my cat get healthy again? it’d be like $10 plus shipping and imma try to keep it as low as possible, too.

I haven’t actually made anything yet just wanted to check with you guys first, so please tell me what you think? either here in replies or reblogs or DMs or asks - whatever you feel like. I’m not asking for money but making sales will help me a great deal and I won’t be able to do it without your suport <3