kitty of steel

i’ve seen people making fun of ben’s name bc like, seriously? you name one kid after a goddess and the other one is ben? and, agreed. ben steel sounds ridiculous

but benjamin steel? not half bad

and bonus. guess what benjamin means in hebrew.

“son of the right hand”

right as in “favoured hand”

ben’s name was “favoured son”

“favoured son” and “goddess of protectors”

Look I don’t trust Ramses further than I could throw a martian sewer rabbit and am ready to fight him the second he hurts a hair on my precious lady’s head, but damn if I don’t like this manipulative asshole immensely and enjoy his interactions with Juno in an almost gleeful way (they play off each other so well and Ramses does echo a lot of Juno’s own sentiments, but it comes out more sinister).