kitty mug

Need a last minute gift idea? This gift is inexpensive and adorable.

Make a personalized coffee mug for less than $5! 

Materials and pricing:

White coffee mug- $0.99 at Savers (thrift store)
Oil based paint marker- $1.29 at Michaels 

Total cost to make: ~$2.28

Draw some cute whiskers, a cute quote, anything you want! Bake in the oven for 30 minutes on 350 degrees and you got yourself the cutest mug!

(I also made an Olaf from Frozen mug that I will post soon ;) )

Recommendations: On Pinterest many people do this with just a plain permanent marker. I recommend to use an oil based marker so that the ink won’t rub off when you wash it.

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A few moments later you’d probably hear him hurling up the contents of his stomach… I wonder what was in the food to garner that kind of reaction… heh.

As a side note, it is probably safe to assume that Rythian had no part in the acquisition of that kitty mug, let alone half the other cute/novelty things found around the apartment.

It is really refreshing to work on these pages that have such bright and cheery colours…Even if the special effects where a pain to make… That and when I see this page I can’t get out of my head the idea that Rythian was having to sit through Zoey and Fiona relentlessly teasing him while Kim cooked dinner for the two of them. He he.