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Speaking of me playing Overwatch, I realize I haven’t told you guys many stories lately! I’ve got a bunch for you, but I’ll put em all in separate posts so this one doesn’t get too long: 

This one time we were pushin the payload on Route 66, and ofc I, being Mercy, am hanging out right behind it. I turn around and notice the enemy Reaper has gotten separated from his team and he’s creepin out, probably looking for a good chance to come forward for a flank or a Death Blossom or whatever. I say “Hello!” to taunt him before telling my team about him as I pull out my gun.

Before I can pull the trigger, I think I see him wave back at me. I wave again and he definitely waves back. We crouch for a bit, jump, and then I finally start to sneak towards him. We’re standing right in front of each other and I’m just getting ready for the betrayal, but it never comes. We just hang out in that one spot for the whole game. Halfway through the game, the enemy Genji shows his beautiful face and hangs out too.

We won the match because I accidentally seduced and thoroughly distracted the two DPS players on the enemy team.

In the next game we were up against the same group, so I went to sit with the Reaper again, but his Widowmaker hated my guts because I distracted him in the first match. She headshot me when I was trying to sit with him. The Reaper wrote in the match chat, “WIDOW YOU SKANK” and then got kicked for being afk. 

He came back like a minute later as a spectator with “Mercy, baby, I’m back!!” The Widow was like, “DONT TRUST HER” and the Reaper replied with something along the lines of, “Mercy leave your group and join us, I’ll treat you right”

anonymous asked:

How would Widowmaker, Tracer, Pharah and Mercy set about getting their S/O into the bedroom please? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

These scenarios are written with the assumption that things were discussed and agreed upon prior to the actions taking place.

Widowmaker- Definitely a dom. She doesn’t pull any punches in telling her S/O what she wants and when she wants it. Occasionally, depending if the circumstances are right and full trust has been built between the two, she will allow herself to sub for her S/O. In situations like this, she’ll still be pretty direct, but a lot less talkative about her desires. (Instead of saying ‘we’re going to -insert suggestions-’ she’ll be a lot more grabby/rubbing certain areas of the body to cause a reaction)

Tracer- Perfect switch. If she has someone who’s a sub, she’ll take more initiative to dom and vice versa if she has someone who’s a dom. If she’s with another switch, the two will take turns in who doms and who subs. She’ll make a big deal about it, even when she doesn’t need to. She’ll pull out all the little cutesy/romantic tricks to let her S/O know what she wants. (That is, if they don’t catch on by the time she’s setting up the room with candles and flower petals.)

Pharah- Switch, but definitely leans more towards dom. Even when she subs, she will still have a lot of control within the situation. She’s more of a sensual lover, enjoying the ride as things get more heated. She feels a little bad as she doesn’t often make out with her S/O, but that’s only due to when she does–it ends up in a very intense love session. She enjoys feelng her S/O and letting them feel her, so between getting grabby and all the hormones flying around–she can’t help herself.

Mercy- Total dominatrix. She seems like she’d be a cute little sub, but behind closed doors she has a rather different side about her. Similarly to Widowmaker, she is rather blunt in making her desires known, although coming down a set of stairs in a tight leather dress sets a whole new mood for the situation. She may physically be on bottom from time to time, but she’s always calling the shots.

-Admin Kitty