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麻辣湯 // マーラータン // Mala Noodles
I’d never been to a restaurant like this before! As the kitty cat mascot explains, you select your ingredients from the cold case (5 for ¥880; ¥100 for extras) and then bring your basket to the chef, and choose your noodles (thin cellophane, thick cellophane, or hand-cut) and your spiciness (0 to 4). The soup is made with Chinese herbs and is very healthy.

I got thick noodles and a cautious 2 (my companion’s 3 was pretty hot!), and my ingredients were mixed veggies, yuba, marinated egg, cilantro, and sweet potato. Weird assortment, but I had a weird appetite and it was perfect. I’d go back literally any day.


Tales of Series x Hello Kitty Mascot Stuffed Toy Vol. 2 (Mikleo, Ludger, Jude) Sale!

Price: $15/ea + shipping


  • Mikleo (8 1 pcs)
  • Ludger (6 1 pcs)
  • Jude (4 pcs)

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As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I had tough luck with the Berseria UFO catcher so most of my loot happens to be of the Vol. 2 variety. I can help in getting Berseria HK stuffed toys through auction sites, however, I’ll have to charge $20 for each one (Velvet, Rokurou, Eizen) if ever.

EDIT: I no longer have any HK plushes in stock, but I can special order them if ever.

I accept payments through Paypal only. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping (EMS/SAL small packet) and other fees (i.e. PayPal’s fixed withdrawal fee). For reference, all items will be shipping out from Japan.

If you are interested in buying any of the above and/or have further inquiries, please send an email to kaylee.ishtar (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!

Monsta X revealing themselves to you after working in a mascot costume.

Requested by: vickyxmelonlove

Author’s note: I wasn’t especially sure what to file this under since it’s about halfway between a scenario and proper reaction post, but maybe I’m overthinking it. This will be filed under reactions for future reference. 


He would be wearing a bear mascot costume, working hard to promote the store he was working for as you handed out popsicles to child after child. Although not your favorite thing, it was rewarding to see all the children grinning and at least you weren’t the mascot guy? Shownu was sweating devastatingly hard under all of the fabric and padding, but he continued to take photos with everyone who asked without a fight. Periodically, he’d crack a lame joke at you or do a fun little dance to try and get your attention. The two of you would exchange shy laughter and force yourselves to converse about trivial things. When the day came to a close you would take a cute selca with him in the costume, both holding up peace signs sweetly next to each other. Shownu would then pull the head off of his own, sweat dripping from each strand of hair and his face flushed from the heat. You couldn’t help but laugh a little, especially since he looked much more like an actual bear than a teddy bear. After noticing your surprise, he would question you over and over.

“Did you seriously not know it was me?” Thoroughly convinced you had to be joking as he continued to bug you. The two of you would end the day by sharing the last two half-melted popsicles together on a bench, fingers slyly inching toward each other.


Wonho would probably be enjoying this whole thing far more than he would care to admit, letting all the kids tug on the ears of his puppy costume and play with his tail. He would probably talk in a high pitched voice to everyone but you and when the kids were away, he would make greasy jokes about wanting you to put him on a leash. More of a dog than a puppy, you thought inwardly, sneering at him playfully. Whoever this guy was, you couldn’t help but admit that he was fun to toy with. With all the families around it was nice to have a distraction, even if it was some kid that couldn’t pronounce words properly and was trying really hard to be slick. Wonho would periodically tell children and parents alike that you were his “owner” knowing fully well that you could overhear every word as you kept an eye the event. You couldn’t tell if you should have stayed home or not. As the sun started to set the two of you began to clean up wrappers tossed in the grass and cups left out, excited at the prospect of going home for the night. Wonho had taken off the head of his puppy costume, but he was facing the opposite direction as he helped you pick up. The two of you almost bumped heads as you were scouring the ground and looked up to make eye contact simultaneously.

“W-Wonho?” You exclaimed, watching a smirk form on his lips due to the close proximity.

“Yeah, what’s up? Are you falling for me?” He teased, brushing off your shock easily as he finished up the work. Needless to say, he would buy you dinner that night and make a lot of sleazy comments at the wrong times.


He would arguably be the best at being a mascot (maybe only second to Jooheon) due to his sunshine-like personality. Minhyuk would be decked out in something incredibly adorable, most likely a white-haired rabbit with a cute bowtie. He would use the large floppy ears to his advantage, making jokes about how he could use them to fly away. Minhyuk would also love to whisper puns in your ear, his own little way of flirting.
“What do you call a happy bunny?”
“I don’t know, what?”
“A hoptimist.”
He would also continually beg you to put your hair in pigtails so you could ‘match’. You didn’t necessarily mind him, but boy, that kid could talk more hours. Throughout the day, you weren’t sure if you had heard him take a breath between sentences or not. Minhyuk handled the crowd well, though and made sure no one left without a pamphlet or a grin on their faces. During break, you ran to the store across the street to buy some chilled drinks and dutifully brought a couple extra for the friendly bunny, who you were sure was struggling because of the heat. No matter the weather, you couldn’t not sweat in all those clothes. He thanked you sweetly, removing the mascot head and collapsing to sit criss-cross on the pavement. Your eyes widened as they met the blonde hair, scanning over his features. Minhyuk tilted his head playfully, a large smile lighting up his face.
“Are you surprised?” He mused, sipping at his drink with his fluffy mascot hands still on. You two spent the rest of the break getting ready to hand out more pamphlets and trying to come up with more puns.
“What kinds of stories do bunnies like?”
“I don’t know, Minhyuk.”
“The ones with hoppy endings!”


Kihyun would be dressed in a kitty mascot costume, complete with tiny cute ears and a round belly. The two of you would be advertising the restaurant’s seafood menu diligently. It was a bit disappointing that you had to hire someone that wasn’t an employee for your mascot, but he was very polite and working really hard, so there was no way you could complain. Plus, the costume was really cute and totally your taste. You couldn’t help but want to tease the stranger and ended up playing with him quite a bit, neglecting the advertisement to fawn over Kihyun’s kitty form. You were sure you had made him do aegyo about thirty times and had called him cute over a hundred, but both of you were having fun and he seemed to blossom under all the attention. This duo had attracted a lot of publicity due to the playful atmosphere between the two of you, and probably all the shouting you had done about how cute he looked in his costume. By the time your shifts were over at the event, you were dying to go home and take a long shower. Kihyun had jogged to a corner store around the block and he returned with a large grin, waving you down. 

“W-Wait… You’re.. That Kihyun?”
“Is Kihyun that common of a name? I had no idea.” He hummed, eyebrows furrowing a little at your exclamation. Kihyun would walk you home after that, and you definitely make sure to get the directions wrong more than once.


Hyungwon would poke at his small antlers gently, still getting used to the extra height atop his head. You wouldn’t be able to stop the laugh that bubbled up from your stomach at the giant cartoon-ish deer in front of you.

“I hate to say this, but I can’t believe they casted you as our mascot. Are you sure you’re supposed to be a deer and not a tree?” You teased, looking up at the tall man in front of you.

“The antlers don’t help.” He pouted. Not only was he hugely tall, his voice was also deep.

Who did this? This is best joke of the year. You thought inwardly, having to turn away and cover your mouth with your hands to keep from laughing. The person who hired his boy had a good sense of humor. You tried to continue your work peacefully, but it was hard to keep your cool with Hyungwon trying to be cute and his building-like figure hovering over the children. This kid would be more cut out for CF filmings. Periodically you could hear Hyungwon mumble under his breath about needing to try harder or about he really was no good at this whole mascot thing. You smiled coyly before waving him over to have a break with you.

“You can take that stupid head off for a while, let’s take a little break. It’s not good to attempt being a cute character when you’re frustrated.” Said deer nodded obediently at your works, dragging himself over to sit beside you and cradling the costume head in his arms. Your eyes scanned over his model-like features, something clicking in your mind. Despite your shock at the fact you had been with Hyungwon all day, you kept it under wraps and attempted to continue casually. “Maybe next time instead of a deer, you should try modeling.” You smiled, earning a light laugh from the man sitting beside you. That break never ended up resuming back into work and despite the consequences sure to come, you and Hyungwon ended up ditching the hot weather to go get iced coffee together.


He would be decked out in a monkey costume, doing the world’s greatest aegyo to every little girl that passed, as well as acting fun for the younger boys, and flirting with the ahjummas. Jooheon catered to everyone’s needs, not only pulling huge groups of people because of his attitude, but also because of the games he would play. This kid practically was controlling the crowd with his assets. Every now and then, he brought you into the fun, pretending to take have “caught your nose” which would send your hands flying over your face by instinct. Jooheon not only thought it was hilarious to mess with you, but also quite cute. The banter between you two was flawless, neither one of you missing a beat with each other or the people around. Picture after picture was taken with Jooheon and you smiled happily, grabbing him quickly away to take one with you too. You puffed out your cheeks in the photo, Jooheon poking your cheek with his hand, still clad in the cute monkey glove. Before you could even put your phone back into your pocket, Jooheon was pulling out his own and forming half of heart with his hand. You quickly completed it, smiling wide as the animated shutter clicked. He got back to work soon after, but you couldn’t help wondering about what kind of guy he was under all that aegyo. Later that evening you had discovered Jooheon’s phone laying on a table, undisturbed. Playing a little prank shouldn’t hurt anyone, right? You opened it, content with the fact that he had no passcode and began snooping through his photos only to be shocked by several quite familiar selcas in his camera roll.

“Jooheon?” You muttered softly, furrowing your brow and quickly getting your business done before setting the phone back on the table. Unbeknownst to you, Jooheon had quite a similar plan. You both would return home to realize the other not only changed the lock screen to your photo together, but had entered their number into the contacts.

“Did he really save his contact under ‘Monkey’?”


Changkyun would not only show up about thirty minutes late, but also in the wrong mascot outfit. Instead of being something cute and lovable, you gawked as he sauntered up in a sort of odd bird hybrid. I really don’t understand this concept… You would think to yourself, scratching the back of your head in confusion. In the end, you decided not to question it, writing it off as an eccentric move by your boss. Changkyun’s only job for the day was to attract customers and hand out balloons with the name of the franchise you worked for branded across the front. By the time it was noon, he had fallen about twice, and accidently lost ten different balloons while trying to hand them out.
“I’m sorry, I really can’t grip with these weird hands!” He exclaimed, apologizing excessively and bowing deeply to you. You let it slide, deciding to work side by side with him as to prevent any further accidents. The two of you were let off of work earlier than expected, probably due to the lack of actual advertising going on since the two of you ended up having more fun listening to your voice after you sucked helium about of the balloons. You and Changkyun retreated from the event venue with a couple balloons he had saved to play with. He pulled off his bird head excitedly, turning around and sucking a ton of helium before trying to put his cutest display of aegyo for you.

“Im Changkyun, was it seriously you inside of this stupid thing all along?” You would scold him, immune to his aegyo. Eventually after some playful arguing, Changkyun would ditch the crazy bird suit, and the two of you would decide to wreak havoc somewhere else in the city.

TOOOOOOOOOOOOONIGHT-on Cartoon Network!(10-20-17)

On Teen Titans Go, NOT ONLY do they do some legitimately funny parodies of old movies, NOT ONLY do they slam how bullshit award shows are-BUT-they also acknowledge how much it sucks that Green Lantern was cancelled! Ya get a point for that one TTG.

OK KO has their very version of the Laughalympics, where KO teams up with two rejected Hello Kitty mascots and Raymond inspires a lot of STEAMY fan art on Tumblr/Deviant Art because those artist knew what the fuck they were doing. Also Colewort’s the kind of guy to ditch his friends the MOMENT he realized his steam power didn’t suck.

The Amazing World of Gumball does a HILARIOUS episode parodying the Star Wars fandom…that…would’ve been a LOT funnier two years ago, but fuck it animation takes time and what-not.

And finally one We Bare Bears, Charlie saves the bears from a wild John Dimaggio, and Panda saves a space-invading spa owner from a faulty steam room! Seriously, he should’ve gotten MORE than a free spa day, I’d sue the CRAP out of that place for such a crappy door.


Tales of Sale

  • Tales of Series x Hello Kitty Mascot Stuffed Toy (Mikleo x2, Velvet, Ludger) - $15/ea
  • Normin Can Badge - $7
  • Bienfu Rubber Strap - $7
  • Tales of Series Dress Up Clear Charm (Eizen, Asbel, Velvet) - $10/ea
  • Tales of Series Chara-Gata Big Tag (Jade x2) - $18/ea
  • Tales of Series Cleaner Stuffed Toy (Tokunaga, Rollo) - $20/ea
  • Kongwai Tao Shikishi and Chibi Figure - $12/set

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