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What Your Favorite Sanrio Character Says About You
  • Hello Kitty: You have never seen another sanrio character OR you've been obsessed with hello kitty since you were six
  • Cinnamoroll: you unironically call things kawaii
  • Chococat: You own at least two (2) totoros
  • Keroppi: You're a fckin weirdo, who cares enough about the frog? You. Weirdo. wth
  • Pochacco: You're a Dog Person
  • Kuromi: You use XD and are That Guy
  • Little Twin Stars: All of the youtube channels you're subscribed to are deco channels or japanese in general OR you are japanese and literally living in japan right now
  • Badtz-Maru: "I'm not a feminist! I believe in EQUALITY."
  • Pompompurin: ☆~(>౿o)
  • My Melody: Your favorite used to be Kuromi. This is something you are ashamed of.
  • Tuxedo Sam: You are Soft Meme Trash
  • Gudetama: You are Meme Trashcore

Hello! I've been unable to sign on to tumblr because it was blocked in my country. I apologize for being unable to answer questions. The maru kitties are being prepared for international release in Sept/Oct, to be shipped by Dec.!

@bombshell–blonde said: ((Are their colors faction dependant?))

Some other faction should let us know. This is from Dragon perspective.

kitty-maru said: Ahhhh! I wish I could log on right now and get mine!

Go go go!

kitty-maru said: Yeeeeeeah….. I noticed Manticore and QBL when I did the raid last Tuesday. I’m going to see if I can find all 8 Orochi subsidiaries in the raid. I bet they’re there. (I also find it kind of terrifying that the Orochi took over Times Square.)

I’d really like to know.