kitty is watching

I found this Youtube channel run by a Japanese chef and it’s actually better than porn? First all all his cinematography is off the charts. Youtube videos have no business looking that good. Second of all, everything he makes looks SO TASTY, and he explains the recipes in such a simple, soothing, manner. Third off all, he does this all while his two adorable kitties watch??? Like… they are so intent on what hes doing but they never run around or hop on the counter???? He has a stool for them to sit on as he makes his recipes Im gunna die

my summer aesthetic is two lesbians wandering down the road with mason jars of sangria in hand. there are fresh sliced peaches and raspberries in the sangria. a few hours later the same lesbians wander back up the road, mason jars empty, a third lesbian in tow cradling a bottle of moscato like an infant. its a wednesday evening.

  • Kit: i passed the clave testing!
  • Ty: good job! *sticks sticker on Kit's shirt*
  • Kit: you're giving me a sticker...
  • Ty: it's not just a sticker
  • Ty: it's a sticker of a kitty saying 'Me-wow'
  • Kit: i'm not a pre-schooler!
  • Ty: fine, i'll take it back
  • Kit: i earned this, back off!